Mummified body may have lain in bed for years, police say

The mummified remains of a Winnipeg man have been found in the bed of his condominium, where he may have lain up to two years, police said.

Police have found the mummified remains of a Winnipeg man in bed in his condominium, where he may have lain unnoticed for up to two years.

Officers climbed through a window and found Jim Sulkers' body on Wednesday, after relatives from out of town asked the force to check on him, said Const. Shelly Glover.

The medical examiner said Sulkers, a 53-year-old with multiple sclerosis, died of natural causes.

The gruesome discovery shocked his neighbours in the condo complex where he had lived since the mid-1980s.

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"Nobody has smelled anything, but you know we have a good ventilation system," said Bertha Claeys, who lives down the hall. "He was a nice man, that's all I could tell from what we knew."

The neighbours, who described him as a friendly loner, said they noticed Sulkers' absence but never suspected something like this.

"The only thing everybody thought was he was away for the winter, that was the first winter," said Sam Shuster, who lives in an adjoining apartment. "Then he was gone the second winter."

The exact date of death couldn't be determined, but a newspaper in the man's room was dated November 2002, police said.

Sulkers had been living on a disability pension, with his condo fees and other expenses deducted automatically from his bank account.

The first clue that something was amiss came when his pension cheques were cut off and his former employer began making inquiries.