Mulroney's daughter wed at posh, private service

The Canadian prime minister who signed a free trade agreement with the U.S. solidified some personal cross-border ties Saturday, at a ceremony billed as Montreal's social event of the year.

Hundreds of people gathered outside St. Leon's Church to get a glimpse of dignitaries as Brian Mulroney's only daughter, Caroline, was married to U.S. Internet entrepreneur Andrew Lapham.

The crowd watched as Mulroney, decked out in a long-tailed tuxedo, helped the bride out of the car and escorted her into the service. He smiled and waved, but did not speak to reporters.

There were some notable names among the 450 wedding guests, including Queen Noor of Jordan, former U.S. President George Bush, media magnate Conrad Black, federal Conservative Leader Joe Clark, and Quebec Liberal Leader Jean Charest.

There were plenty of black ties, elegant gowns, and limousines, but not much information for the uninvited.

The RCMP and secret service kept close watch as Mulroney, who protected his family's privacy when he was prime minister, continued the practice Saturday.

Everyone involved in the wedding, from caterers to choirboys, is said to have signed a confidentiality agreement.

There was an appetite for details long before the wedding cake was cut.

For instance, after journalists visited an upscale Montreal store and reported on the couple's choice of gifts, the registry was put under wraps along with the display of items such as the $500 pepper mill and $310 butter dish.

The groom is the son of Lewis Lapham, left-leaning editor-in-chief of Harper's magazine.

Caroline is a 26-year-old Harvard graduate who's now studying law at New York University. She has three brothers.

Lapham, 28, graduated from Princeton and recently launched his own e-commerce Internet business.