Mount Logan to become Mount Trudeau

Mount Logan, Canada's highest mountain, will be renamed Mount Trudeau, Prime Minister Jean Chretien announced after a cabinet meeting Wednesday.

The peak of Mount Logan is 5,959 metres high, making it the tallest mountain in Canada. It is located in Yukon, in the St. Elias range near the Aaska border. The official name will be Pierre Elliott Trudeau Mountain, in honour of the former prime minister who died a week ago and was buried on Tuesday.

The mountain had been named for Sir William Logan, founder of the Geological Survey of Canada. The Logan name will be used for another mountain nearby.

The decision has upset some people, including Bradford Washburn, a renowned explorer and surveyor in Yukon. Washburn says Logan and other important surveyors receive little recognition for their work.

Washburn, 90, works at the Museum of Science in Boston.