Mother who dropped baby won't be charged

A Vancouver woman won't be charged in connection with her daughter's 15-storey plunge off the Capilano Suspension Bridge last September. The Crown says there isn't enough evidence to prove that Nadia Hama was to blame for her baby's fall.

Hama was carrying her 18-month-old daughter Kaya when she says she tripped, accidentally dropping the baby off the bridge. The child survived the 47 metre fall with only scratches and bruises. Rescuers say branches broke Kaya's fall onto a rocky ledge below.

Police suspected Hama had a larger role in the fall, questioning her for 24 hours after her daughter was taken to hospital. They wanted to charge her with criminal negligence, but prosecutors said there was insufficient evidence to make that charge.

Hama says she's happy with the news but is considering filing a complaint against police. She wants authorities to apologize for investigating her in the first place. She has said police only suspected her because her estranged husband made accusations.

"I never did anything wrong and I was just attacked and crucified. I have to prove who I am, as a mom, to the world, which is the worst thing to have to do."