Morin inquiry slams investigation

After 10 months of testimony and 120 witnesses, an Ontario judge has released his report on how Guy Paul Morin came to be convicted of a crime he didn't commit. The reports says everyone involved made serious mistakes.

The final report into the wrongful conviction of Guy Paul Morin says mistakes by forensic scientists, police and prosecutors all combined to send an innocent man to jail.

Kaufman made 119 recommendations in his report. He said there are problems with the system that have to be changed to prevent similar mistakes from happening again.

Kaufman said that judges should be far more critical of hair and fibre comparisons before allowing them to be admitted as evidence. He also said judges should tread carefully before allowing the testimony of jailhouse informants.

Kaufman said the mistakes in Morin's case were the result of poor judgement. He said he doesn't believe anyone purposely set out to put an innocent man in jail.

Morin was sent to prison for the 1985 murder of his nine-year-old neighbour, Christine Jessop. He was cleared by DNA evidence in 1995.

The crime is still unsolved.