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Montrealers are choosing to self-quarantine after visiting China to contain COVID-19

Zhuo Li is one of several Montrealers voluntarily isolating themselves out of a sense of duty to prevent the spread of the virus, even though the government never asked them to go into quarantine.

Mixed signals from province prompts wronged philosopher to skip ethics forum

In the end, McGill philosopher Daniel Weinstock skipped a public forum to which the Quebec government had invited him, then disinvited him, then reinvited him with a partial apology, then possibly disinvited him again.

Trudeau says rail barricades 'need to come down now,' rules out sending in soldiers to restore rail service

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today that while Canadians have been patient with protests that have blocked rail traffic in parts of the country, the situation is "unacceptable and untenable" and the barricades must come down but the army would not be used to make that happen.

Mont Sainte-Anne ski lift comes to sudden stop, injuring 21

Skiers looking to hit the slopes at Mont Sainte-Anne on Friday had their plans disrupted after the hill's ski lift came to an abrupt halt, jostling passengers inside gondolas.

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