Young woman with breast cancer shares her fight online

24-year-old Nalie Agustin keeps a blog about her experiences fighting breast cancer that attracts thousands of visitors every week and has raised $22,000 for the Run for the Cure this Sunday.

Nalie Agustin, 24, raises $22,000 for the Run for the Cure

Nalie Agustin will be running in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Run for the Cure this Sunday with her team of 129 friends and family. (CBC)

In July, 24-year-old Nalie Agustin was diagnosed with breast cancer, which is rare for a woman her age: only three of every 1,000 women diagnosed are under 30.

Agustin, who works as an Ecommerce Coordinator in Châteauguay, has taken her fight to the web, with a blog about her experiences that attracts thousands of followers around the world.

“When I first released it I honestly thought no one would read it,” Agustin told Mike Finnerty on CBC's Daybreak Montreal

"I’m not the type to want to keep things in, and at the same time [the blog] is helping others. That makes me feel even better, and it keeps me busy."

On her blog, Agustin keeps a diary of the day-to-day challenges she faces fighting cancer, with photos, videos and stories. 

"It helps me because I find I always need to express myself. It’s kind of my release to let things go," she says. 

Run for the Cure 

Agustin is also taking her fight to the street, running in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation's Run for the Cure in Montreal this Sunday.

Agustin has recruited a running team of 129 friends and family, raising $22,000 in donations.

She says her goal is an even $25,000.

Agustin will also be participating in the 5K run herself, which she says will be physically challenging because of the toll chemotherapy takes on her body. 

"I’m not as fit as I used to be, but I like to set challenges," says Agustin. "I'm going to do my best."

Looking forward

Later this year, Agustin says she will face an even more intensive round of chemotherapy treatments, followed by a mastectomy.

"I try to take it day by day," says Agustin. "There's no point in trying to look too far forward."

Agustin says the support from her friends and family, as well as the comments on her blog from people around the world, makes all the difference and keeps her from ever wanting to give up.

“It’s honestly the best treatment. It’s what keeps me smiling — and makes me wake up with a smile on my face,” says Agustin.