Yalda Machouf-Khadir, daughter of Amir Khadir, gets community service

Yalda Machouf-Khadir, daughter of Québec solidaire​ MNA Amir Khadir, has been handed 240 hours of community work and three years of probation for crimes she admitted to comitting during the 2012 student protests.

Daughter of Québec solidaire won't have criminal record if she fulfills conditions

Yalda Machouf-Khadir, daughter of Quebec MNA Amir Khadir, is seen being led out of her family's home by police in June 2012. (Patrick Sansfaçon/ La Presse)

Yalda Machouf-Khadir, daughter of Québec Solidaire​ MNA Amir Khadir, has been handed a conditional discharge for crimes she admitted to committing during the 2012 student protests. 

A Quebec court judge handed Machouf-Khadir 240 hours of community work and three years of probation.

If she fulfills those conditions she won't have a criminal record.

Machouf-Khadir was arrested in June 2012.

She faced charges related to the ransacking of the Montreal North riding office of former Education Minister Line Beauchamp, as well as another incident at Université de Montréal, where damage was estimated at more than $50,000.