Small Quebec town breaks world record for largest poutine

The town of Warwick has broken the world record for the largest poutine, using around 1,000 kilograms of cheese curds.

Warwick, Que., is known for its cheese-making industry

The final poutine came in at 3,034 kilograms. 1:00

The town of Warwick in Central Quebec has broken the world record for the largest poutine.

Sébastien Lemay, co-owner of Fromage Warwick, said the town's cheese producers banded together to beat the record set by Trois-Rivières at 2,000 kilograms in 2015.​​

Lemay teamed up with Fromagerie du Presbytère and Fromagerie Victoria to make the giant meal a reality.

They will sell thousands of portions to benefit the local hospital. (Radio-Canada)

The cheese curds take about 26 to 28 hours to prepare, but the fries are only going to be deep fried an hour or two before the whole thing comes together.

Around 40 deep fryers were installed at the event site and 40 volunteers spent the day preparing.

Vicky Martineau, marketing director at Fromagerie Victoria, told La Presse Canadienne that Fromagerie du Presbytère already unknowingly broke the record during their last annual poutine dinner — but with single servings.

Fromagerie du Presbytère holds an annual poutine supper that grows year after year. (Rebecca Martel/CBC)

This time around, a table measuring more than 18 metres in length was set up to hold the massive poutine, which was weighed by a representative from the Guinness World Records.

The final poutine came in at 3,034 kilograms — using about 1,000 kilograms of cheese curds.

Following the weigh-in, the poutine was sold to hundreds of hungry Quebecers who came from all over to sample the giant dish.

The event sold 6,000 tickets at $10 per person and plans to donate more than $60,000 to the Hôtel-Dieu d'Arthabaska.

With files from La Presse Canadienne and Radio-Canada