West Island Assistance Fund struggling after string of robberies

The West Island Assistance Fund is struggling financially after being robbed three times since December.

Thieves broke through glass doors and windows and stole pre-signed cheques

The break-ins have set back the West Island Assistance Fund about $10,000. (Submitted by Claudine Campeau)

A Roxboro charity is struggling financially after a string of robberies.

The West Island Assistance Fund has been robbed three times since December.

Claudine Campeau, executive director of the West Island Assistance Fund, said thieves broke through glass doors and windows and stole some pre-signed cheques from a drawer.

"They knew where the money was, so they came to take it," Campeau said.

After the cheques were stolen the charity started making daily deposits, so the next two break-ins didn't yield robbers any money.

"We don't even have a penny lying around," said Campeau. "It's just the real damage that they do."

On top of the robberies, and the repairs to the doors and windows, the charity is also facing costs to repair an air conditioning system that recently broke down.

In all, the repairs are setting the organization back about $10,000, Campeau said.

She believes the thieves are breaking in because they're desperate for money.

"We're in a very poor sector of the West Island. People think, oh West Island, so rich," said Campeau. "It's either so rich or so poor. There's no middle."

The Fund, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary next year, runs a food bank, and provides furniture and clothes for people in need.

They also pay for day camps for kids who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend.

Now some 20 camp spots are in jeopardy, she said.

Anyone interested in helping can email the charity at or call 514-683-0456.


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