Eastern Townships' family trapped in home by icy waters of Moe's River

Kevin Ryan and his family are trapped in their home near the Moe's River in Waterville, Que. after an ice jam gave way overnight, turning their yard into a lake of ice and frigid water.

Ryans of Waterville, Que., were prepared for flooding, but not like this

Icy waters from the Moe's River surround the Ryan family's home after an ice-jam broke, trapping them inside and washing away fences and their well shed. 0:27

A family in Waterville, in Quebec's Eastern Townships, is trapped inside their house near the Moe's River after an ice jam on the river gave way overnight Wednesday.

The flood turned the Ryans' yard into a lake of ice and frigid water.

Kevin Ryan and his family are trapped in their home by ice and water after an ice-jam on the Moe's River gave way early Thursday morning. (Submitted by Kassandra Ryan)

"Another ice-jam formed," Kevin Ryan explained. "Ever since, the waters keep rising. There's an enormous field of ice surrounding our house."

He said with the rain still falling, it could be some time yet before the water recedes, leaving him, two of his children and a tenant prisoners in their own home.

3rd flood this month: 'It freezes, it thaws'

Ryan is remarkably calm about the situation.

"The house is well protected," he said.

"We had it raised when we bought it. We knew very well ...that we were situation on a flood plain. But with climate change over the past few years, the floods that we used to see once every year or two are now happening more often."

"This is the third time since the beginning of February that the property has flooded," Ryan said. "It freezes, it thaws, it rains in the middle of winter. We've never seen anything like it."

He said it's too soon to evaluate the damage from this latest flood.

"We know for certain we've lost our artesian well," he said.

"It was under a brick structure with the pump. They disappeared with the ice jam this morning. There were fences around the property that are also gone."

They were taken away by the ice as it moved across the property.

Civil security authorities and the municipality of Waterville are aware of the situation, but for the moment, there are no plans to evacuate.

"We're well prepared to live with this situation," Ryan said.

He added, however, that once newly formed ice jam goes, "it could create some major problems for Sherbrooke and Lennoxville."

This is the view of the backyard, taken from the Ryan family's home, after an ice jam gave way on the nearby Moe's River early Thursday. (Submitted by Kassandra Ryan)

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