Victoriaville water-main break creates sinkhole

A major water-main break in Victoriaville, Que., early Friday created a large sinkhole on Girouard Street.

2 homes affected by water damage

The sinkhole emerged early Friday morning on Girouard Street in Victoriaville, Que. (Ville de Victoriaville)

A major water-main break in Victoriaville, Que., early Friday created a large sinkhole on Girouard Street.

Municipal water-pump boosters malfunctioned around 5:30 a.m., which caused water to seep from the asphalt above, the city said.  

The sinkhole takes up a large part of the street near the intersection of Paris Street and Charles-Beauchesne Square.

City workers isolated the area and cut water supply to six homes.

One home's yard was affected by the pump break and one household is in the process of emptying their basement following water damage.

The city began repairs Friday morning and hopes to reopen Girouard Street between Bécotte and St-Christophe streets by late afternoon.

Traffic is currently diverted to Des Bois-Francs Boulevard.