Verity Stevenson

Verity Stevenson is a reporter with CBC in Montreal. She has previously worked for the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star in Toronto, and the Telegraph-Journal in Saint John.

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Quebec opens immigration offices for the weekend, as would-be refugee sponsors vie for place in line

The Quebec government has opened the doors of its immigration offices for the weekend, so that people who want to sponsor a refugee family can stay out of the cold while they line up to submit one of the 750 applications being accepted on a first come, first served basis.

'Death is something they don't want to hear about': St-Bruno residents unnerved by crematoria proposal

On Monday, St-Bruno-de-Montarville's council will release the results of three impact studies it commissioned after hundreds of residents signed a petition opposing the funeral home project.

'They would be proud of us': How 8 siblings orphaned by the Haiti earthquake built a new life in Montreal

Healing is a lifetime project for the Pauyo siblings after surviving one of history's most devastating earthquakes. But now, 10 years after the disaster in Haiti left them without parents, it's their dreams they want to focus on.

Health professionals calling for long-term solutions with ERs running at double capacity across Quebec

Emergency rooms are operating well beyond capacity at hospitals across the province, and health care professionals and patient advocates say the government needs to act.

'We will keep on fighting': Muslim women devastated by Appeal Court decision to uphold Bill 21

Three judges had serious criticisms of Quebec's religious symbols ban, acknowledging it causes "irreparable harm" to those affected, but a majority of the Court of Appeal ruled the law should be allowed to stand until the constitutional challenges are heard in Quebec Superior Court. 

CAQ passes bill on Hydro-Québec rates by invoking closure

Members of the National Assembly spent their Saturday debating Bill 34, which will freeze Hydro-Québec electricity rates in 2020 and raise them to meet the inflation rate for the four years after that. 

Greenfield Park shocked by allegations against former coach 'but some aren't surprised'

He was the hockey coach many trusted, a regular fixture at local sports tournaments and on the community rink, a volunteer, former cop, and — many thought — a mentor to young boys. But at least five men say Frank Lamarre sexually assault them.

Retired Montreal police officer, minor hockey coach charged with sexually assaulting boys

François Lamarre, a former Montreal police officer and minor hockey coach in Greenfield Park on the city's South Shore, has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting young boys over a 25-year period.

Montreal police have no plans to end street checks, despite concerns

One by one, citizens and groups addressed Montreal police about racial profiling at hearings the city held Friday on street checks.

Montreal finally ready to go ahead with ozonation plant to treat waste water

Ozonating will help eliminate the viruses, bacteria and pharmaceutical residue that get flushed into the St. Lawrence River. But one engineer involved in the project's earlier phases says ozonation is putting "the cart before the horse."

Quebec mother who was to be extradited to U.S. on custody charge dies in Laval jail

A Quebec woman facing extradition to the United States to face charges in relation to a child custody order was found dead at the Leclerc jail in Laval earlier this week. 

'It feels like a liberation': Families relieved after Ugo Fredette convicted of 1st-degree murder

The 44-year-old man was on trial for the murders of his former spouse, Véronique Barbe, 41, and 71-year-old Yvon Lacasse, a man he encountered at a highway rest stop after fleeing Barbe's home with a six-year-old boy.

N.B. premier asked if Quebec is the favourite child this election: 'That's not a new thing'

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs waded Friday into the issue of Ottawa's treatment of Quebec, telling media at a Conservative Party campaign stop in Fredericton that "it's been forever, really," that Quebec has been favoured.

Quebec provincial police make arrests in 4 Mafia killings

Quebec provincial police have arrested three men and a woman in connection with the deaths of four known organized crime members, in a series of raids Wednesday targetting the province's criminal underworld.

Health authorities urging at-risk patients to get flu shot, as tough strain predicted this season

Tuccia Faustino, an 84-year-old Montrealer who has diabetes, has avoided getting the flu shot for 20 years. But Quebec's Health Ministry says it's time to rethink that.