Verity Stevenson

Verity Stevenson is a reporter with CBC in Montreal. She has previously worked for the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star in Toronto, and the Telegraph-Journal in Saint John.

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CSDM warns prospective teachers about religious symbols, despite saying it wouldn't apply Bill 21

The Commission scolaire de Montréal began quietly including a notice in job postings saying applicants will need to comply with the law, and not wear religious symbols if they are applying for teaching or administrative positions.

With 311 wait-times and complaints on rise, Montreal mayor says city will add staff

This year, the number of complaints about the service rose sharply and so did the wait-times, which are estimated at more than seven minutes on average.

Pilot hopes to share lessons learned from surviving plane crash in Quebec wilderness

There were several moments Matt Lehtinen realized how lucky he was to still be alive, but the one when a tree punched through the plane's cabin as he was plummeting downward may have been the most frightening.

Families in CDN housing co-op face final evacuation, after years of fighting to stay

The city says the building’s issues are so dire, after the co-op failed to complete necessary upkeep, that it has become dangerous to live in.

Faced with eviction, tenants in Centre-Sud throw a protest party

The new owner offered tenants large sums of money to move by July 1. Those still holding out recently threw a party to say goodbye to their old neighbours — and to create awareness about gentrification in their neighbourhood.

Clouds to blame for faulty government flood maps, Quebec mayor says

Vaudreuil-Dorion Mayor Guy Pilon blames "amateur" mapmakers for failing to correct flawed satellite images, causing thousands of residents to "panic" at finding their dry homes in newly designated flood zones.

After Quebec's secularism law, Muslim women gather to figure out, 'What can we do now?'

A workshop in Montreal started with a guided meditation and a short discussion about how to cope emotionally with Quebec's new secularism law, but it's clear the 20 or so Muslim women there aren't ready to relax.

Amherst Street becomes 'Atateken,' symbolizing fraternity and peace

Montreal's Amherst Street has been renamed Atateken Street, which denotes the idea of equality among people in Kanien’kéha, the Mohawk language.

Coroner outlines series of mistakes that led to Gilles Duceppe's mother being found dead in snow

Hélène Rowley Hotte Duceppe, 93, who died of hypothermia after leaving her seniors' residence in response to an alarm, was stuck outside in plain view of a security camera that no one bothered to check for six hours, a coroner has concluded.

Quebec government adopts controversial religious symbols bill

Quebec's majority government has pushed through a controversial piece of legislation that will bar public-school teachers, government lawyers, judges and police officers from wearing religious symbols while at work. 

'We aren't an elective monarchy': Opposition MNAs decry Legault's push to pass immigration, secularism bills

Opposition parties are accusing Quebec's Legault government of trying to run the National Assembly like a business, as they attempt to extend the debate of its two flagship bills 9 and 21.

'This, to me, is a dream': Montreal teacher who incorporates Oprah into subject matter hopes to meet star

When Valérie Kamel attends Oprah's event in Montreal on Sunday, she's hoping she'll get to meet her hero. Her students are trying to make that happen.

Montreal woman says STM bus driver didn't stop for her because of her niqab

A 23-year-old Montrealer says she discovered Islamophobic posts on an STM bus driver's Facebook profile after the woman did not pick her up at a stop. 

Quebec Labour Ministry raids businesses allegedly linked to illegal network of temp workers

Eight different locations were served with search warrants, including a meat-processing factory south of Montreal.

The UN sent a letter to Quebec about Bill 21. What does it mean?

"We have to continue reminding governments, all of them, around the world that they have moral obligations — they have international obligations," says Fernand de Varennes, the UN's special rapporteur on minority relations.