$500K Verdun playground to welcome kids of all ability levels

Montreal and Verdun are working together to turn Wilson Park into one which is fully accessible to children of all levels of ability.

New park slated to open June 2017

In this photo a 6-year-old boy in a wheelchair uses an adapted park similar to the one being built in Verdun for June, 2017. (Gerald Martineau/The Associated Press)

Montreal and Verdun are working together to turn Wilson Park into one that is fully accessible to children of all levels of ability. 

Verdun borough councillor Pierre L'Heureux says residents have been asking for parks to be more open to people with disabilities. Numerous elements of the new park will cater to difficulties some children may have in other parks.

"We have modules that are accessible to wheelchairs. We also have picnic tables that are accessible," L'Heureux told CBC News.

"The surface is also accessible, it's not sand, it's all accessible especially for wheelchairs. And also the choice of colours, they will be good for children who have difficulties identifying colours in space."

Pointe-Claire blogger Christine Latreille reviews parks regularly on her site Stroller Parking: Highly opinionated playground reviews.

Both her children are able to use all kinds of parks, but she told CBC Montreal's Homerun that from what she's seen, accessibility in Montreal is low.

"Montreal seems to be quite behind," she said. "We've been to about 500 parks and maybe seven or eight have been accessible to all children."

Verdun has released images of some of the equipment which will be in the new Wilson Park. (Ville de Montreal)

Work on the new park will start in mid-October. The adapted park will cost more than $500,000 and be ready next June.

The city has released information on what kind of features the park will have.

There will be modules in the park that are appropriate for children who are 18-months-old to 12-years-old. 

with files from Elias Abboud and CBC Montreal's Homerun