Quebec workplace health and safety board investigating death of city worker at Verdun pool

A spokesperson for the board said that upon initial inspection it appears that the workplace met its safety standards.

CNESST advises to be careful when performing physical labour in the heat

A city worker died Thursday after collapsing while working at a swimming facility in Verdun. (Jillian Kestler-D'Amours/CBC)

Quebec's workplace health and safety board is investigating the death of a blue-collar worker Thursday at an outdoor pool in the Montreal borough of Verdun.

A spokesperson for the board, known by its French acronym CNESST, said that upon initial inspection it appears the workplace met the board's safety standards.

The man, a city worker in his 50s, collapsed while making "masonry repairs," said the CNESST spokesperson, who said it was too early to tell if the incident was related to the warm temperatures felt this week.

The Verdun Natatorium's swimming pool and wading pool are open, but its chalet is closed this summer.

The CNESST is calling on employees to take care as the first heat wave of the summer hits the province. It advises employers to have an action plan to protect workers who are performing physical labour in the heat.

It said employers should adjust workloads depending on how hot it is, provide sufficient amounts of water to workers and ensure they are taking frequent breaks.

Employees are also asked to pay attention to symptoms of possible heat stroke: muscle cramps, shivers, nausea, dizziness and vertigo.

Based on a report by La Presse Canadienne


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