Vancouver body parts belong to Jun Lin

Authorities say DNA tests have confirmed that body parts delivered to Vancouver schools last week belong to Jun Lin, the Chinese student killed and dismembered last month.

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Remains identified


9 years ago
Experts say hand and foot sent to Vancouver schools were those of man slain in Montreal 1:34

Montreal police Cmdr. Ian Lafrenière says DNA test results confirm that body parts delivered to Vancouver schools last week belong to Jun Lin, the Chinese student killed and dismembered last month.

"The two body parts found in Vancouver, the two body parts found in Ottawa, as well as the torso, are all from the same body. And DNA samples from the victim's father and mother confirm it is the victim," Lafrenière told Radio-Canada in Montreal on Wednesday.

"For us, this resolves the first part of our investigation."

Authorities are still looking for the victim's head, and "we have no leads on that," Lafrenière said.

Police said last week that remains sent by mail to two Vancouver schools came from Montreal, but at the time they weren't sure if the hand and foot belonged to the slain student.  

Lin was killed and dismembered last month in Montreal.  

One of his feet and a hand were sent respectively to False Creek Elementary School and St. George's School, where they were discovered last week.  

The gruesome findings came after his other foot and hand were shipped to federal political parties in Ottawa.  

Lin's torso was found in a suitcase left in a Montreal trash pile.  

Canadian Luka Rocco Magnotta is suspected of killing Lin last month, recording video of the attack, and mailing Lin's severed body parts to Ottawa and B.C.  

Magnotta is being held in a German jail pending Canada's request to have him extradited. Magnotta indicated he won't fight extradition, but authorities have indicated it could still take several weeks to complete the process.

In a public letter posted on a Chinese language website, the victim's family described how grief has left them at "a breaking point." They said Lin had been their "pride and joy" and his death was a "destructive blow" for the family.

Concordia University has created an award commemorating the life of Lin, with funds to go to helping Chinese students who want to study there. The Montreal school has also said it will establish the "Jun Lin Family Fund" to help the victim's family.

In Montreal, a local woman has organized a candlelight vigil for Lin, to be held Thursday at 9 p.m. at Dorchester Square.