Valérie Poulin-Collins sentenced to jail in Baby Victoria abduction case

The woman charged with kidnapping and abduction in connection with a newborn taken from a Trois-Rivières, Que., hospital in May has been sentenced to two years less a day, after pleading guilty to all charges.

Poulin-Collins, 21, pleaded guilty to abducting newborn from Trois-Rivières hospital last May

Police located baby Victoria three hours after her abduction and returned her to hospital. (Radio-Canada)

Valérie Poulin-Collins has been sentenced for two years less a day for kidnapping a newborn from a Trois-Rivières, Que. hospital in May.

Earlier today, Poulin-Collins pleaded guilty to all charges.

The lawyer representing Valérie Poulin-Collins reached an agreement with the Crown today, a Trois-Rivières court heard. 

According to the Sûreté du Québec, just before 7 p.m. on May 26, a woman dressed as a nurse showed up at the Sainte-Marie Hospital and went into the room of a new mother under “false pretense.”

Valérie Poulin Collins, 21, was arrested at her home and charged with kidnapping and abduction in connection with the disappearance of a newborn baby from a Trois-Rivières hospital room in May. (Courtesy of Sylvain Mayer/Le Nouvelliste)

Police said the woman left the room a few minutes later holding a day-old baby wrapped in a blue blanket.

An Amber Alert was issued and, within hours, police had located the infant and had a suspect in custody.

Poulin-Collins was charged with abduction and kidnapping. She also pleaded guilty to multiple counts of shoplifting and possession of methamphetamine. 

At the hearing Tuesday, which had been scheduled to hear arguments about Poulin-Collins conditional release, defence lawyer Karine Bussière​ submitted several documents to Justice Jacques Trudel. 

They included reports on the threat level posed by Poulin-Collins and a report from an expert who treats people struggling with substance abuse issues. 

Poulin-Collins, 21, was in the court and cried as she looked around the room for family members.