Here's what the vaccination passport means for people inoculated outside Quebec

If you live in Quebec but were vaccinated elsewhere, or if you're planning to visit the province, you may be wondering how the new vaccination passport system affects you.

People visiting from another province or country will not need a QR code

Quebec's new vaccine passport apps, called VaxiCode and VaxiCode Verif, are seen on an iPhone. The app will soon be available for Android devices as well. (Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press)

If you live in Quebec but were vaccinated elsewhere, or if you're planning to visit the province or move here, you may be wondering how the new vaccination passport system affects you.

The passport — an electronic record of vaccination in the form of a quick response (QR) code — will be required for non-essential services like festivals, gyms, sports venues, restaurants and bars (even to sit on terrasses, but not for takeout), casinos, bingo halls, bowling alleys, amusement parks, fairs, marathons, escape rooms and zoos. 

But not everyone looking to access these services will need to get a QR code. The passport system, which goes into effect Sept. 1, will require different proof from Quebec residents than from visitors and tourists.

What if I am visiting Quebec from another province or country?

On Tuesday, the government detailed how the system will impact non-Quebec residents.

People who reside in another province or country will be able to show a printed proof of vaccination issued by the government or health authority from that region.

Proof of vaccination status from elsewhere will be accepted when combined with identification that proves place of residence.

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For example, a visitor from Ontario would show their vaccination document combined with an Ontario driver's licence. Or an international traveller could show their proof along with their passport.

In short, visitors do not need to register their vaccination status with the Quebec government, download the app or get a QR code. They'll just need paper proof of vaccination and a piece of ID.

What if I received my dose elsewhere but live (or will soon live) in Quebec?

The province has a system in place to help residents who were vaccinated outside Quebec register their status.

This applies for people who live in Quebec but got their dose or doses in another province or country.

Once the vaccination status is entered into the province's vaccination registry, an individual can access a QR code.

In order to register, individuals must make an appointment at a designated regional vaccination centre through the province's online platform, ClicSanté.

In the list of services on the ClicSanté website, the option "COVID-19 Vaccine - Troubleshooting" includes an option to "register your COVID-19 vaccines received outside Quebec in the vaccination register."

According to the government website that outlines how to register, people must bring with them a piece of ID and "legible proof of vaccination from the country where you were vaccinated."

Information on the documents will be verified "to ensure that the vaccine you received has been authorized by the World Health Organization and that you are within the dose time frame for this vaccine."

If there is a problem with the document, the workers at the regional vaccination centre will inform you and offer to schedule you for another dose.

If the information you provide is acceptable, it will be added to the vaccination registry and electronic proof of vaccination will be sent to you. 

Does the vaccine have to be approved by Health Canada?

The Quebec government accepts any vaccine recognized by the World Health Organization for the purposes of the provincial vaccination passport.

As is the case with anyone vaccinated outside Quebec, you will need to register your vaccination status in order to receive a QR code.

Having problems accessing your QR code?

If your vaccination status has been registered in Quebec, but you aren't able to download your QR code, you can call the government's assistance hotline at 1-877-644-4545.

Beyond basic services like grocery stores and pharmacies, there are several places where vaccine passports will not be required, including private gatherings, weddings, funerals, places of worship, spas, driving lessons and lodging.

Find a full list of what is, and is not, on the list here.