Two candidates vie for Laval mayorship

Alexandre Duplessis and Jacques St-Jean will both be running for the seat of interim mayor in Laval.
Two candidates are running for the spot of interim mayor for the City of Laval following Gilles Vaillancourt's resignation. (CBC)

Two candidates will be battling it out for the mayor's seat in the City of Laval.

Alexandre Duplessis and Jacques St-Jean both confirmed they are running for the job on Tuesday.

Duplessis was elected as councillor for the Saint-Martin district in 2005 and joined the executive committee in 2009.

St-Jean has been serving the district of Saint-François since 1993.

Next week, members of the municipal council will hold a secret ballot vote to determine who will sit as interim mayor until the next election.

The same process was used to select Michael Applebaum as interim mayor of Montreal.

On Nov. 13, Basile Angelopoulos, the vice-chair of Laval's executive committee, announced he was retracting his candidacy for the job following the provincial government's decision to send a special auditor to Laval to keep tabs on public works contracts awarded by the city.

At the time, Angelopoulos was the only person vying for the mayor's seat and was picked by his party as an eligible candidate for the job.

Members of former Laval mayor Gilles Vaillancourt's party, PRO des Lavallois, announced their intention to dissolve the party on Monday after a city council meeting – giving nearly $1 million of the party's money back to the city and taxpayers.

PRO des Lavallois had been unopposed at city council for the last decade.

More raids in Laval

Tuesday morning, about 20 officers from the UPAC anti-corruption squad were raiding the offices of PRO des Lavallois and a private residence in Laval.

This is the most recent of a series of raids that have taken place since October.

Earlier this month, Vaillancourt's office and homes were raided by UPAC. The squad was allegedly seeking evidence that millions of dollars in cash were funneled through offshore tax havens.

Engineering and construction firms were also raided following allegations of corruption before the province's inquiry into the awarding of public works contracts.