Quebec TV network retracts mosque reporting that was 'inexact and unfounded'

A French-language television network in Quebec has concluded its investigation into a report that a Montreal mosque tried to have women banned from a nearby work site and is apologizing to those affected.

Apology comes one year after initial report on Montreal mosque aired

The TVA story was debunked and taken down in the days following its reporting on a Montreal mosque. (CBC)

A French-language television network in Quebec is apologizing to those affected by erroneous information it broadcast last year after conducting an internal investigation.

In December 2017, TVA released a story that claimed a mosque in Montreal's Côte-des-Neiges neighborhood signed a contract with a construction company doing work across the street, and included a provision barring women from being on the site during Friday prayers.

The report prompted outcry from politicians, and a far-right group planned a demonstration outside the mosque. 

In the days following the initial report, the network amended the story then eventually pulled it and offered an apology, saying that an internal investigation would be launched. 

"After conducting an investigation to validate the accuracy of the words conveyed by witnesses to the camera, TVA concludes that the information disseminated was inaccurate and unfounded," TVA states on it website.

Thursday's apology is the conclusion of that investigation.