The great Tuques Up: Canada Day edition challenge

CBC Montreal put its personalities to the test with a wild word game challenging their knowledge of all things Canadian.

Play your own game of Tuques Up with CBC's printable deck

How well does CBC staff know their Can Con?


5 years ago
CBC celebrates Canada Day with a challenge testing our staff's knowledge of all things Canadian. 25:35

To celebrate Canada Day, CBC Montreal put our personalities to the test with a word game challenging their knowledge of all things Canadian.

This week, the Tuques Up challenge was broadcast live from the CBC Montreal newsroom. We also took suggestions on Facebook for words to use in the game.

Sonali Karnick, Jay Turnbull, Andrea Stanford and Salimah Shivji were brave enough to test their Canadian knowedge. 

Sonali and Jay won with the final word: Conrad Black.

CBC Montreal's Jay Turnbull and Sonali Karnick (black tuques) celebrate their win against Salimah Shivji and Andrea Stanford (red tuques). Molly Kohli kept things hopping as the host. (CBC)

Think you're ready for the Tuques Up challenge?

We've made it easy for you to play at home, on the road or at the cottage this long weekend with your own Tuques Up: Canada Day edition deck.

Print out the cards with our suggestions or come up with your own words and add them to the deck. 

It was a tight game right to the end. Andrea Stanford and Salimah Shivji (red tuques) knew their stuff, from The Constitution to Nickleback. (CBC)

How to play:

With one minute on the timer, player one tucks the first card from the deck into their tuque (or holds it up to their forehead), making sure they don't see the word on the card.

The other players give player one hints to guess the word on the card. The hint may not contain a portion of the word or "rhymes with" phrases. 

If player one answers correctly, they score one point and move on to the next card in the deck.

If they cannot guess, they may pass and will not score a point for that card. This continues for the full minute. 

The next player becomes the guesser and the game continues. 

The game ends when there are no more cards. The player with the most points wins.