Quinze40 mega mall approved by Town of Mount Royal

Town of Mount Royal has given the go-ahead to a massive new shopping and entertainment complex where Highway 15 meets Highway 40.

Carbonleo, developer behind Dix30, to build Royalmount centre where highways 15 and 40 meet

The Royalmount centre is slated for the Town of Mount Royal's industrial sector, not far from the De la Savane Metro station. (Carbonleo)

Town of Mount Royal has given the go-ahead to the Royalmount centre, a massive new shopping and entertainment complex where Highway 15 meets Highway 40.

Municipal council approved the project, dubbed the "Quinze40," in a vote last night. Only one councillor, Louis Dumont, objected. 

CarbonLeo, the company that built Quartier Dix30, a shopping centre and entertainment complex on Montreal's South Shore, is undertaking the $1.7-billion project.

The mall, not far from the De la Savane Metro station, will take up an area almost the size of Parc La Fontaine.

The 232,257-square-metre complex will feature a performing arts space with seating for 3,000 people, a water park, an indoor cinema complex and an outdoor cinema on the green roof. The mall will also house restaurants, terraces, two hotels, an outdoor skating rink and office space.​

Projects faces criticism

The project has faced criticism from local businesses and some politicians.

Glenn Castanheira, an advisor to Projet Montréal and the former executive director of the St-Laurent Boulevard Merchants Association, said earlier this year the project will discourage people from working and living in the city core.

Real estate developer Carbonleo plans to build a pedestrian bridge over the Décarie expressway to help people access its new megamall. The complex will feature hotels, restaurants, and a water park. (Carbonleo)
"That talent seeks a quality of life and a mixed city and a diverse city in its environment," he said. 

"For that you need thriving main streets with venues, restaurants and shops."

Two businesses in the area also said they are worried about being expropriated.

Projet Montréal Leader Luc Ferrandez has said it will take away business from commercial streets such as St-Laurent Boulevard, Mont-Royal Avenue, and St-Hubert Street.