Jacob, 8, wanted a Toronto Maple Leafs cake. The bakery used the Maple Leaf Foods logo instead

Jacob's family picked up the cake from a bakery on their way to a Montreal hockey arena for his eighth birthday party Saturday. To their surprise, instead of the NHL team's logo, atop the cake was the logo for Maple Leaf Foods.

Maple Leaf Foods promises to send boy and family to a Maple Leafs game

Jacob, left, gives the thumbs down to the logo mix-up on his birthday cake. (Submitted by Tania Lévesque)

A Mascouche, Que., family is laughing off an error by their local bakery that marred their son's eighth birthday celebration last weekend.

They had requested a cake with the Toronto Maple Leafs logo for Jacob, a diehard Leafs fan  — just like the cake he'd received for previous birthdays.

Jacob's stepmother, Tania Lévesque, said the bakery told her it didn't have a Maple Leafs template on hand, so she suggested doing a Google search for an image that could be reproduced with icing.

Jacob's father, Mathieu Bertrand, picked up the cake from the bakery on the way to a Montreal hockey arena for his son's party Saturday.

To his surprise, instead of the NHL team's logo, atop the cake was the logo for Maple Leaf Foods.

Instead of the Toronto Maple Leafs logo, the cake had the logo for Maple Leaf Foods. (Submitted by Tania Lévesque)

With no time to find a new cake, they continued on to the party.

"We had a good laugh," said Lévesque, whose post about the incident has been widely shared on Facebook.

She declined to name the bakery as she is a regular there and does not want to give them negative attention.

Lévesque said the other kids in attendance ate the cake but were a little confused about the logo.

"They don't know anything about cold cuts," she said.

Jacob, however, gave it a thumbs down and refused to eat the cold-cut-themed cake.

In past years, the correct logo was on the little Leafs fan's cake. (Submitted by Tania Lévesque)

Jacob has been a Toronto Maple Leafs fan since he was five.

While his father and grandfather cheer on the Habs, Jacob wears his Toronto Maple Leafs toque and the jersey of his favourite player, John Tavares.

"I don't know where he gets that," Lévesque said.

She says Jacob and the family had a fun birthday despite the mix-up.

Family headed to Toronto

Maple Leaf Foods said on Monday it would send the family to a Maple Leafs game, and offered Lévesque a choice between going to Toronto or Montreal. 

"I'm going to choose Toronto because the kids want to go there," she said. "And also they gave us $300 of Maple Leaf Foods. The kids love baloney from Maple Leaf."

Not only will Jacob see his favourite team play in person for the first time next month, it will also be his first time seeing Toronto.

Jacob is tad overwhelmed by all the attention his birthday cake is getting, Lévesque said, but he's "super excited ... He's very, very happy that we're going to Toronto."

Watch CBC's Heather Hiscox speak with Jacob about the birthday cake mix-up:

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3 years ago
Duration 6:36
Eight-year-old Maple Leafs fan talks about the cake mix-up that is making the rounds in social media

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