In Quebec, exhausted paramedics feel ignored in yet another election campaign

For all the emphasis on health-care solutions this election campaign in Quebec, little has been said about the pre-hospital network, where critical staffing shortages threaten the quality of care. That's not surprising to many in the industry who work in Montreal.

No judicial recount in Beauce-Nord, judge rules

In a bid to get a seat in the National Assembly, the Conservative Party of Quebec had requested a judicial recount in the riding of Beauce-Nord but a judge ruled the party neglected to include an essential document in its request to Quebec Superior court.

Quebec Conservatives, without a seat after election, seek recount in Beauce

A candidate for the Conservative Party of Quebec is seeking recount after losing a tight race in the Beauce-Nord riding.

31 people arrested during Quebec election campaign for threats against candidates, SQ says

Provincial police say there were 217 incident reports for possible threats made against candidates during the Quebec election campaign. In total, 31 people were arrested.

Quebec elects record number of women, but will they be named to key cabinet roles?

For real equality to be achieved, experts say women need to be represented in the places where decisions are made, including the premier's cabinet and among his political advisers.

How a powerful Legault government could face pushback from the opposition and beyond

Advocacy groups, mayors likely to clash with CAQ



How can François Legault build bridges after a divisive election campaign?

One day after the CAQ wins a historic majority, Debra Arbec speaks with columnist Emilie Nicolas and Christian Bourque, executive vice-president of Léger, on what happens now.


Quebec's electoral system continues to alienate voters, experts say, especially in Montreal

Disillusioned Quebec voters are demanding electoral reform in the wake of the provincial election. But political scientists say the odds of obtaining proportional representation are bleak.

How a powerful Legault government could face pushback from the opposition and beyond

The Coalition Avenir Québec government will face plenty of opposition, from grassroots environmental groups to opposition parties in the National Assembly to the courts. But do the CAQ's opponents stand a chance?

As smelter controversy simmers, Rouyn-Noranda voters opt for a former mining executive in Quebec election

A community trying to balance jobs with respect for the environment elects someone from the CAQ, hoping that having someone in government will mean better control of toxic emissions.

The CAQ's lack of MNAs in Montreal won't be a problem, Plante says

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante says she expects the city's relationship with François Legault's Coalition Avenir Québec government won't be affected by the fact that the party has, once again, almost no seats on the island.

No seats for Conservative Party of Quebec despite strong uptick in vote share

The Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) failed to elect any candidates to the National Assembly but its leader, Éric Duhaime, appeared cheerful and determined when he took to the stage to speak to supporters Monday night.

Dominique Anglade pledges to 'represent all Quebecers' as Liberals lead a divided opposition

The Quebec Liberal Party has lost some seats but will return to the Quebec National Assembly as Official Opposition. Leader Dominique Anglade won her own riding after a tight race against Québec Solidaire.

CAQ sails to victory in Quebec with largest majority in decades

Four years after winning its first election, François Legault’s Coalition Avenir Québec party will once again form a majority government in Quebec. With the party electing candidates in 90 ridings, the victory is a landslide.

Key takeaways from election night in Quebec beyond Legault's crushing win

The province is waking up to a sea of the Coalition Avenir Québec's powder blue, an island of red and orange, and calls for electoral reform. Here are five takeaways.

François Legault's revolutionary politics of the status quo

There was fleeting speculation about whether a campaign marred by negativity and divisiveness would hurt the Coalition Avenir Québec leader on election day. The answer voters delivered on Monday was a resounding no.

Voters in Duplessis elect 1st Innu to sit in Quebec National Assembly

The Parti Québécois stronghold on Quebec's North Shore has elected Coalition Avenir Québec's Kateri Champagne Jourdain, who becomes the first Innu and the first Indigenous woman to hold provincial office.



Election night speeches from Quebec party leaders

Leaders of Quebec's largest political parties thanked their supporters as voters sent a majority CAQ government back to the National Assembly.

From health care to climate change, here's what to expect from a stronger CAQ majority in Quebec

The Coalition Avenir Québec gets another four years to govern. Much of premier-designate François Legault's first four years in power were spent managing the COVID-19 pandemic. What are his priorities now?

Quebecers head to the polls to elect their next government

It's election day in Quebec. Polls are open from 9:30 a.m. until 8 p.m. to allow you to cast your ballot.

Quebec party leaders step out on last day of campaign

Leaders of Quebec's five main parties try to get out the vote on the eve of election day.



A snapshot of Quebec election specials from the 1950s to today

We’ve dusted off the film reels to bring you a compilation of election specials straight from the CBC archives. Starting in the 1950s, through the wacky hairdos of the 1970s and '80s all the way to our new studio in Montreal — have a look.

Not sure who to vote for in the Quebec election? Here are some tools to help you decide

Whether you've not followed Quebec politics at all or are on the fence about who to vote for, here is some of our best election coverage to help you make a decision before you head to the polls Monday.

Quebec Conservative leader distancing himself from party official after claims about Indigenous genocide

Conservative Party of Quebec Leader Éric Duhaime is distancing himself from a member of the party's executive branch after an opinion piece was published last year claiming there was no genocide against Indigenous people in Canada.

How Quebec's 1995 referendum was a turning point for racist comments in political discourse that's still felt

Immigration has dominated political discourse in the last days and weeks of the campaign. Some see parallels between CAQ comments and former premier Jacques Parizeau blaming his 1995 referendum loss on "money and ethnic votes."