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Judicial recount jeopardizes Quebec City opposition leader's place on council

A judge has authorized a recount for a seat at Quebec City council, which could jeopardize the victory of newly elected opposition leader Jean-François Gosselin.

Driscoll vs. Driscoll: Luck of the draw crowns next Saint-Augustin mayor

A draw from a hat has secured the outcome of the mayoral race in Saint-Augustin, Que., where the two top candidates — who share the same last name — received the same number of votes.

Driscoll vs. Driscoll: Coin toss could determine next mayor of Saint-Augustin, Que.

Two people vying for the mayor's seat in a small town on Quebec's Lower North Shore ended up with the identical number of votes: 147 apiece. Though not related, they also happen to share a last name.

Quebec City mayor's political foe steps down after crushing defeat

One of the people who has kept Régis Labeaume in check for the past 10 years is quitting municipal politics. Anne Guérette has announced she is stepping down after the party she founded, Démocratie Québec, only elected one councillor to city hall.

Montreal's new city council short on diversity

While Sunday’s municipal election may have been historic for women – seven out of 18 elected borough mayors are women – it was not a good day for diversity.

Valérie Plante wants to 'get Montrealers moving again.' What can she actually get done?

Here’s a closer look at four pledges made by the mayor-elect during the campaign.

Get results here for the 2017 municipal elections across Quebec

Personalize your election results with our live, interactive results dashboard.

Plante in, Coderre out: Montrealers react to their new mayor

After a tight race for the mayor's seat, Valérie Plante has swooped into power as the first woman to win a municipal election in Montreal's 375 years of existence.

After historic win, Valérie Plante says she's ready to work

Fresh off her win last night, Montreal's mayor-elect Valérie Plante spent Monday morning making her first appearances, meeting with commuters outside a Metro station, then speaking to reporters outside city hall.

For Valérie Plante, pulling off the greatest political upset in 50 years was easy. Now comes the hard part

It’s day one of the Valérie Plante era. What’s next? It's Monday morning, and now things get real.

RECAP: What happened on municipal election night in Quebec, 2017

A look back at what happened on election night from CBC reporters in the Montreal area, Quebec City, Sherbrooke and Gatineau in our election night live blog.

Alex Bottausci pulls off win in DDO, Jim Beis hangs onto Pierrefonds-Roxboro

Dollard-des-Ormeaux councillor Alex Bottausci has ended longtime mayor Ed Janiszewski's 33-year reign as mayor, and Pierrefonds's Jim Beis was re-elected despite all the criticism he endured over the borough's handling of spring flooding.

Josée Néron crowned mayor of Saguenay

Josée Néron will replace Saguenay's outspoken mayor, Jean Tremblay. Tremblay, who announced he would resign back in 2015, held the job for 20 years.

Yves Lévesque re-elected for 5th term in Trois-Rivières

Incumbent mayor Yves Lévesque will serve a fifth mandate as mayor of Trois-Rivières, in the Mauricie region.

Newcomer Steve Lussier elected new mayor of Sherbrooke

Voters in Sherbrooke have elected political newcomer Steve Lussier as their new mayor, pushing out Bernard Sévigny, who was seeking a third mandate.

Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin elected to 2nd term as Gatineau mayor

Radio-Canada has projected that Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin is the city's mayor-elect after he handily beat his four opponents Sunday night.

'King' Régis Labeaume keeps tight hold on Quebec City council

Régis Labeaume will remain in the mayor's post for another four years, after being elected mayor for the fourth time by Quebec City voters.

Valérie Plante elected mayor of Montreal, beating out Denis Coderre

The leader of Projet Montréal scored a stunning upset to become Montreal's next mayor, beating out the incumbent, veteran politician Denis Coderre, who announced he's quitting municipal politics.

How to increase youth participation in municipal elections

Even though municipalities are responsible for nearly 60 per cent of public infrastructure and take care of recreation programs, public transit, and green spaces, voter turnout for municipal elections is the lowest among the three major levels of government.

Voters cast ballots in municipal elections across Quebec

Quebecers cast ballots at 858 municipalities across the province today. Polling stations closed at 8 p.m.

What you need to know to vote in Montreal this weekend

With only one day left to go, here is everything you need to know to about voting in Montreal on Sunday.

Transit steers debate in race for Gatineau's top job

Four candidates are vying to unseat incumbent Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin in Sunday's vote for Gatineau's mayor. Public transit has emerged as a key issue in the campaign.

Montreal candidates make last rounds without Denis Coderre

With only two days left before voters head to the polls, Équipe Denis Coderre was out on the Montreal hustings Friday without the man for whom the team is named.

Sherbrooke mayoral candidates have competing visions for revamping downtown core

The five candidates running for mayor in Sherbrooke are each trying to persuade voters they have what it takes to revitalize the city centre and attract new business to the region.

Share the wealth or stoke the boom? Where the mayoralty candidates stand on social housing

Valérie Plante wants to fix Montreal's affordable housing shortage. Denis Coderre says her plan will hurt the economy. Here's a closer look at their proposals.

Who will ready Montreal to withstand climate change?

Climate change will expose Montrealers to new dangers. Municipal politicians are campaigning on different plans to make them safer.

How vulnerable is your neighbourhood to climate change?

Montreal knows which areas are sensitive to extreme weather. Is your area one of them?

'If it ain't broke, don't fix it,' says Coderre, while Plante promises bold change

The Montreal mayoral race in its final days appears to be boiling down to a simple question for voters: is everything just fine the way it is?

Preserving Lennoxville's bilingual status a key issue for voters in English enclave

The outgoing head of the borough of Lennoxville, David Price, says he's fought hard to keep the former town's bilingual status. The issue is on voters' minds as they gear up to elect a new representative to Sherbrooke's city council.

By the numbers: How election day in Montreal stacks up

Ahead of Montrealers casting their ballots this Nov. 5, here's a glimpse into the numbers behind this year's election.

Denis Coderre says it was a mistake not to release Formula E ticket numbers sooner

Despite the fact that at least 20,000 tickets for this summer’s Formula E race were given away free, Denis Coderre says he’s happy with the way the event unfolded.

Getting around Quebec City priority issue for voters in provincial capital

CBC News asked voters in Quebec City what their priorities are in this municipal campaign, and the issue that comes up most often, from all corners of the capital, is how the city will tackle its transportation infrastructure.

Valérie Plante, Denis Coderre reveal top picks for key positions

With only a few days left in a tight mayoral election campaign, both Denis Coderre and Valérie Plante named their choices for the number-two job at city hall.

As Mayor Jean Tremblay bows out, those vying for his office weigh in on Promotion Saguenay

After 20 years as mayor, Jean Tremblay is retiring. For the four candidates seeking his job, a key campaign issue is what each would do with the paramunicipal agency Promotion Saguenay and its less-than-transparent finances.

Formula E attendance figures grossly inflated by freebies, organizer admits

After months of repeated requests, the organizers of Montreal's controversial Formula E electric car race have finally revealed how many of the 45,000 people who attended the event actually paid for their tickets — and how many received freebies.

Kids can vote alongside their parents in Sunday's election

Instead of voting for the city’s next mayor, they will answer the question: “In Montreal, what is most important to you?”

Ethnic, visible minorities want Montreal mayoral candidates to address diversity

Daybreak's Shari Okeke meets people concerned about the under-representation of visible minorities and immigrants in Montreal's public service and say it's an issue municipal election candidates should not ignore.

1-on-1 with incumbent Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre

With the municipal election fast approaching, Denis Coderre, who is running for re-election, sits down with CBC Montreal News at 6 anchor Debra Arbec, and answers your questions on Facebook.

Valérie Plante prepares for greater scrutiny after poll has her tied with Denis Coderre

Valérie Plante had an extra jump in her step on Monday after a poll showed her in a virtual tie with the mayoral incumbent, Denis Coderre.

Voters made to wait for ballots in Nuns' Island advance poll

Élection Montréal has confirmed that on two occasions during Sunday's advance voting, the polling station on Nuns' Island ran out of ballots, and voters had to wait for the arrival of new ones.

Valérie Plante steers clear of 'tricky' 1995 referendum question

Projet Montréal's mayoral candidate, Valérie Plante, said although she doesn’t identify as a Quebec sovereignist, she believes in the importance of “auto-determination” as a democratic right.

Economy, transportation at heart of mayoral race in Blanc-Sablon, Que.

Voters going to the ballot box in Blanc-Sablon, Que. on Nov. 5 will have two candidates to choose from as their new mayor. Jocelyne Hobbs and Wanda Beaudoin shared what they aspire to for their community.

Valérie Plante, Denis Coderre in dead heat with just days to go before municipal election: poll

Denis Coderre’s popularity has succumbed to frustrations over construction and perceptions of arrogance, allowing Valérie Plante to pull even with the incumbent, according to a new poll.

How the strange vibes in Quebec politics could be working against Denis Coderre

Denis Coderre’s future in municipal politics is uncertain as the incumbent mayor struggles to fend off both a surging opponent and a simmering distrust of establishment politicians.

How Valérie Plante and Denis Coderre are trying to win your vote

CBC News teamed up with two political scientist to analyze the words each candidate used in the English-language debate.

1-on-1 with Projet Montréal's Valérie Plante

With about one week to go before election day, Montreal mayoral candidate Valérie Plante sits down with CBC Montreal News at 6 anchor Debra Arbec and answers your questions on Facebook.

Candidate drops out of Gatineau election amid allegations

A candidate in Gatineau's upcoming municipal election has dropped out of the race amid accusations of inappropriate workplace behaviour by nine former colleagues at both a federal department and an Ottawa college.

Advance voting gets underway today in Montreal

While the general election is set for Nov. 5, there are a number of opportunities to cast your vote beforehand. Here are the details.

Côte Saint-Luc residents choose between familiar faces in heated race

Daybreak's Mike Finnerty and Shari Okeke meet voters in Côte Saint-Luc who have strong opinions about who should be their next mayor.

Borough vs. city council: Who decides what in Montreal?

Snow removal, construction, bike paths: Montrealers have to deal with issues like these on a daily basis. But what falls under borough jurisdiction and what does city council take on? We break it down.

Coderre or Plante? Business owners eager to weigh in on Nov. 5

Daybreak's Shari Okeke meets business owners to find out what issues matter most to them in Montreal's mayoral race and how they plan to vote.

Round 2 in the Plante vs. Coderre debate: Rivals clash over dogs, taxes and transit

The thinly veiled animosity between Montreal's two leading mayoral candidates was on full display during the fast-paced debate Monday night in which policy disagreements often devolved into mutual frustration.

Équipe Coderre stands by Outremont candidate with anti-Hasidic reputation

Équipe Denis Coderre is running a candidate for borough council in Outremont who has a reputation for virulent opposition to the Hasidic community.

Young candidates in Quebec municipal election few and far between

People between the ages of 18 and 34 represent less than nine per cent of all the candidates in Quebec's upcoming municipal election, according to data from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

Oka mayor accuses Kanesatake grand chief of interference in municipal election

Serge Otsi Simon and Pascal Quevillon have been embroiled in a dispute over a housing development on land that’s part of the Kanesatake Mohawks' decades-old unresolved land claim. That dispute is spilling into the municipal election.

A tale of 2 cities: Mayoral debate reveals contrasting visions for Montreal

A heated exchange over the merits of centralization dominated the opening-half of the first debate of the Montreal mayoral election campaign.

Round 1 in the Plante vs. Coderre debate: Who's bringing the fight?

The race for city hall enters a critical phase as incumbent Denis Coderre and Projet Montréal's Valérie Plante face-off tonight for the first of two debates that will be held over the next week.

3 visions for public transportation clash at 1st Quebec City mayoral debate

The ongoing public debate on the future of Quebec City's public transit system has become a main focus point for mayoral candidates. The issue was front and centre in the first televised debate held Tuesday evening.

Low turnout and uncontested elections: How healthy is municipal democracy in Quebec?

A total of 214 of municipalities in Quebec won't be having an election on Nov. 5, when voters in the rest of the province head to the polls to elect the mayors and councillors who will run their towns and cities for the next four years.

Coderre, Plante trade jabs over Pink line, Formula E and bike lanes on Tout le monde en parle

Montreal's top mayoral candidates, incumbent Denis Coderre and Projet Montréal's Valérie Plante, politely grilled each other on a number of issues on Radio-Canada's Tout le monde en parle.

Saint-Lambert's prohibition-era alcohol rules up for debate in municipal election

The quiet Montreal suburb of Saint-Lambert still has prohibition-era alcohol rules, but that could change come Nov. 5.

NDG voters size up Montreal's mayoral candidates as campaign gets into full swing

Daybreak's Mike Finnerty and Shari Okeke stroll along Monkland Avenue in NDG speaking to voters who are mulling their choices in the Montreal election campaign.

Projet Montréal's Pink line: Pipe dream or election game-changer?

On the one hand, the Pink line would meet a need, and financing is available. On the other hand, Projet's estimated price-tag of $6 billion and its six-year timeline might be overly optimistic.

Vandalized election posters prompt complaints to Montreal police

One of those complaints came from Projet Montréal, which went to the police last week after about 50 of its placards were defaced in the Plateau. Stickers affixed to posters of borough mayor candidate Luc Ferrandez have a threatening slogan on them.

Are you registered? How to ensure you can vote on Nov. 5

It can be a nasty surprise: You show up to vote and are told, 'Sorry, you aren't registered.' Here's how to make sure that doesn't happen.

More parking, less biking, and other proposals to unseat Westmount's mayor

Incumbent Christina Smith is trying to hold onto to her job in the face of stiff competition from city councillor Patrick Martin and The Suburban editor Beryl Wajsman.

Pedalling for votes: Montreal's parties eye the cycling demographic

The explosion in recent years of the number of cyclists in Montreal has created a new and valuable demographic that is actively being courted by the two main challengers for city hall in next month's election.

The underdogs: Meet the independent candidates running for Montreal mayor

It may seem like a Denis Coderre versus Valérie Plante race — with Jean Fortier in the mix as well — but there are also a slew of independent candidates running to become Montreal's next mayor.

Who will run Lingwick? Small Quebec township can't find mayoral candidates

Lingwick's current mayor had hoped to retire from municipal politics this year, but he will have to stay on until the town can find a successor.

Everything you need to know as Quebec's municipal elections near

With voting day less than a month away, here are some of the top stories from our municipal election team.

Cyclist safety in Montreal: What are municipal parties proposing?

Bicycle safety has become a topic of debate in the Montreal's municipal election campaign. Separate bike lanes and limiting vehicle traffic on the mountain are some of the ideas being proposed.

Missing mayors: Outaouais towns go into election with no one seeking top job

Hours before the candidate filing deadline for the upcoming Quebec municipal elections, five Outaouais communities still have no one running for mayor.

Côte Saint-Luc mayoral candidate's vow to extend Cavendish raises possible ethical concerns

As a mayoral candidate for Côte Saint-Luc, Robert Libman is promising to "champion the Cavendish extension," but as a registered lobbyist, he also represents a real estate company with land in the area of the proposed link.

Projet Montréal proposes cutting STM fares for seniors, children, those living in poverty

Projet Montréal mayoral candidate Valérie Plante announced a public transit plan that would eventually give children and seniors free access to buses and Metros, while her opponent, Denis Coderre, stands by his current approach.
In Depth

Smooth operator: The Denis Coderre method to staying in power

Denis Coderre will leave no hand unshaken in his quest to be re-elected Montreal's mayor for another four years.
In Depth

The charm offensive: Valérie Plante's charge for City Hall

Here's an in-depth profile of Valérie Plante we ran during the election campaign. In a major upset, she beat out Denis Coderre for Montreal's top job in Sunday's election.

Denis Coderre launches election platform with highlights from past term, future plans

Montreal mayoral candidate Denis Coderre has released his election platform which includes upgrading infrastructure, making Montreal a smart city and investing in transportation

Valérie Plante tells Coderre to 'bring it on,' participate in more debates

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre said one French and one English debate leading up to the Nov. 5 municipal elections was sufficient, rebuffing criticism by opponent Valérie Plante.

Who wants to dethrone 'King Régis' of Quebec City?

Régis Labeaume's Équipe Labeaume holds 19 of a possible 22 seats at Quebec City Hall. Here's a look at who's running against him in the 2017 municipal elections.

No public money for a baseball stadium — unless Montrealers agree, Projet Montréal vows

Projet Montréal Leader Valérie Plante says "not a penny" of public money will be spent on a new baseball stadium before the city's residents are consulted in a referendum — four years from now.

Mayoral candidate Jean Fortier explains why he's returning to municipal politics

Jean Fortier is going up against the sitting mayor, Denis Coderre, and Projet Montréal Leader Valérie Plante in the Nov. 5 mayoralty contest.

Confused about voting in Montreal? Here's what you need to know

Montreal's municipal structure can be confusing, so we try to break it down for you and explain why it is the way it is.

Denis Coderre pledges to help boroughs fund green alleys in first campaign promise

Denis Coderre, who launched his campaign for reelection last night, made his first election promise this afternoon in a Villeray alley.

Denis Coderre officially launches his re-election campaign

After handing in his nomination papers at City Hall Friday morning, Coderre told reporters that after four years of getting things done, he and his team plan to do more of the same in their second mandate.

Quebec municipal elections are underway. Here's a primer

Montreal's municipal election campaign officially begins today, as do those in more than 1,100 other Quebec municipalities.

Valérie Plante, vying to be Montreal's 1st female mayor, talks transport, families, city spending

Leader of Projet Montréal launched her official campaign platform this week. The municipal election in Montreal and other Quebec municipalities is Nov. 5.

Anne-France Goldwater announces support for Projet Montréal's Valérie Plante

Prominent Montreal lawyer Anne-France Goldwater, who was considering running for mayor last year, announced her support for Projet Montréal leader Valérie Plante early Monday.