Mosque attacker sentenced to 8 years after pleading guilty

A man who entered a Mississauga, Ont., mosque and sprayed worshipers with bear spray and swung a hatchet has been sentenced to eight years. No one was seriously hurt but dramatic video of the incident released on social media shows how it could have ended very differently.



Federal government slow to act on online hate

The government signed an international pledge to tackle hate online, and promised action years ago. But legislation has languished, and with a summer break coming and a possible election in the air, it may never get to a vote.

Quebec's attorney general seeks to challenge mosque shooter sentence in Supreme Court

Quebec's attorney general and the Crown prosecutor's office will ask the Supreme Court of Canada to weigh in on the sentencing of the man who killed six people and injured several others during the 2017 shooting at a Quebec City Mosque.

Quebec's $100M mental health funding announcement pushed up in wake of sword attack in capital

Quebec will invest $100 million in mental health services, a funding announcement that was expected next week, but pushed up as the provincial capital mourns two of its residents, who were stabbed to death in the historic old city on Halloween night.

After year of fractious debate, anniversary of mosque shooting recalls a united Quebec

A more political tone marked this year's ceremony commemorating the 2017 killing of six people in a Quebec City mosque.

Anniversary of Quebec City mosque shooting a chance to have a tough talk about hate, organizers say

It will be a smaller, simpler ceremony this year in Quebec City to mark the 2017 mosque shooting that left six people dead. But the province's political context, particularly the shadow of Bill 21, will be tough to ignore.

Quebec City mosque shooter is no racist, lawyers argue in pleading for shorter sentence

Lawyers for Alexandre Bissonnette, who killed six people in a Quebec City mosque three years ago, tried to convince the province's highest court on Monday to lighten his sentence by arguing he was not driven by a hatred of Muslims.

Quebec City mosque to be safer, with 'classic and modern' look, after $1.2M renovation

The Quebec City mosque is undergoing major renovations that will modernize the building and make it safer for the increasing number of Muslims who attend Friday prayers.

The House: New Zealand attack and Tuesday's big budget

This week on The House, guest host Vassy Kapelos explores the power of political reaction to atrocities like the Christchurch mosque shootings with Ihsaan Gardee of the National Council of Canadian Muslims. Then, Labour Minister Patty Hajdu and our panel of journalists look ahead to Tuesday's federal budget.

Crown appeals Quebec City mosque shooter's sentence, calling it too lenient

Crown prosecutors are appealing the sentence given last month to Quebec City mosque shooter Alexandre Bissonnette.

Families of mosque attack victims ready to turn page on Bissonnette sentence

While disappointed that the Quebec City mosque shooter will be eligible for parole after 40 years, the families of the victims now say they will respect the decision.

Open invite to ceremony for Quebec mosque shooting victims: N.L Muslim Association

People from all faiths are gathering in St. John’s Tuesday evening to remember victims of the massacre at a mosque in Quebec City.

Survivor of Quebec City mosque shooting sets out to combat hate

Two years after being critically injured in the Quebec City mosque shooting, Aymen Derbali is settling into his new home, and trying to find peace. "There is much more goodness than evil on this planet," he says.

Quebec mosque shooter Alexandre Bissonnette to be sentenced in February

Alexandre Bissonnette, sentenced to life in prison for killing six Muslims inside a Quebec City mosque in 2017, will find out on Feb. 8, 2019, whether he will ever be eligible for parole.

Quebec City police officers honoured for response to 2017 mosque shooting

The Quebec Police Awards pay tribute to two officers who raced to the scene of a mass shooting in Quebec City on Jan. 29, 2017.

Victims' families willing to wait for justice as mosque shooter's sentencing delayed

The sentencing arguments for mass murderer Alexandre Bissonnette, guilty of killing six men at a Quebec City mosque, left too many answered questions for Justice François Huot to render his decison on Oct. 29 as planned.

Sending mosque shooter to prison for life would go against Canadian values, lawyer argues

Alexandre Bissonnette's defence lawyers are trying to persuade Quebec Superior Court Justice François Huot it would be unconstitutional to sentence the 28-year-old to 150 years behind bars for the murders of six men in January 2017.

Mosque shooter shouldn't be sentenced as a serial killer, defence pleads

Alexandre Bissonnette — who killed six men in a Quebec City mosque last year — does not embody the same psychopathic traits as Canada's worst serial killers, and should be granted the right to ask for parole in 25 years, his lawyers pleaded on Monday.

Mother of paramedic found dead after mosque shooting wants more help for PTSD victims

The life of Andréanne Leblanc, a paramedic who treated the wounded after the January 2017 mosque shooting in Quebec City, came unravelled in the months that followed the attack. Her mother blames untreated PTSD.

Quebec City mosque shooter not Islamophobic, showing remorse: defence expert

The lawyers defending Alexandre Bissonnette tried to paint a portrait of a suicidal, immature man who is capable of showing remorse and could be rehabilitated.

Mosque shooting victim's daughter tells sentencing hearing about losing 'the best father ever'

Azzeddine Soufiane's 14-year-old daughter left almost everyone in a Quebec City courtroom in tears on Thursday when she shared the last conversation she had with her father, who has been hailed as a hero for trying to stop Alexandre Bissonnette's shooting rampage.

'My father, this giant': Son, daughter of mosque shooting victim honour father's contribution to society

Khaled Belkacemi's widow and children testified at Alexandre Bissonnette's sentencing hearing Wednesday, expressing their pain — but also their pride in the accomplishments of the food engineering scientist who left Algeria in 1994 to build a new life in Quebec.

Quebec City mosque shooting victim hailed as hero for trying to disarm gunman

Azzeddine Soufiane, one of the men who died in the Quebec City mosque shooting, was described as "heroic" and "courageous" by his friends who survived the attack.

Survivor of Quebec City mosque shooting doesn't believe shooter is remorseful

One of the men who survived the Quebec City mosque shooting says he doesn't believe the 28-year-old man convicted has any regrets for killing six men, and could have killed many more had he been given the chance.

Quebec City mosque shooter obsessed with mass murderers since adolescence

Alexandre Bissonnette's obsession with mass murderers started when he was an adolescent, and he had wanted to be carry out a mass killing ever since, a Quebec City courtroom heard on Monday.