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The rise and fall of Canada's long-gun registry

Taking a look at how the registry worked and the steps that led to it being scrapped.

Polytechnique shooting 25th anniversary commemorated in Montreal

Fourteen beams of light shot into the night sky over Montreal on Saturday, one for each of the 14 victims of the École Polytechnique massacre that happened 25 years ago.

Hélène Colgan would be outraged to be associated with gun control, brother says

The brother of one of the women killed in the École Polytechnique massacre says his sister would be appalled that her memory is being used to advocate for gun control.
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Polytechnique shooting: Why we must never forget

It's a date scarred on the heart of a nation but, for Sylvie Haviernick, the significance of Dec. 6 runs deeper. She lost her sister, Maud, in the shooting. In guest video blog for CBC, Haviernick explains the significance of the anniversary and the need to remember.

École Polytechnique: Students continue to experience sexism

An engineering student at École Polytechnique says things are slowly getting better for women in the field, but there’s still room for improvement.

Where are we now? 25 years after Polytechnique

CBC News Montreal host Debra Arbec and a panel of guests sit down for a live, web-exclusive conversation about how far we've come since Dec. 6, 1989. in case you missed it, check out the Google Hangout discussion.

Where are we now? 25 years after Polytechnique: a web chat

The Polytechnique shooting was “a game-changer”, according to panellists on CBC’s live, web-exclusive Google Hangout conversation about the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre.
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Polytechnique shooting shattered us then and still does

The night of Polytechnique shooting, journalist Marie-Claude Lortie became afraid of something that had never been on her radar: the consequences of wanting to break down barriers.
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Montreal Massacre lessons took 25 years to learn

The École Polytechnique shooting in 1989 was call to action ignored by too many, but 25 years later, people are finally waking up and paying attention, Quebec columnist Francine Pelletier writes in a guest blog for CBC News.