Applebaum can keep his $268K severance pay, Quebec Court of Appeal rules

Quebec’s Court of Appeal ruled Monday that former Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum can keep the $268,000 he received from the city after resigning from office.

Ex-mayor Michael Applebaum's lawyer argues 'many grey zones' in corruption case

The fate of Michael Applebaum, the former Montreal mayor who has vowed he never took a penny from anybody, is now in the hands of a Quebec court judge, after closing arguments in the corruption trial wrapped up on Wednesday.

Michael Applebaum's lawyer tries to cast doubt on testimony in corruption case

In a corruption case that relies heavily on witness testimony, the defence team is arguing the witnesses shouldn't be trusted because they're trying to protect themselves by blaming wrongdoing on former Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum.
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Who are key players in corruption trial of Montreal's former mayor?

Over the course of seven days of testimony, the corruption trial of Montreal's former mayor heard from engineers, real estate entrepreneurs and a bureaucrat — all of whom testified about an alleged practice of exchanging cash for favours from Michael Applebaum's administration.

Crown argues Montreal ex-mayor was behind strategy of bribes, corruption

The Crown prosecutor in the Michael Applebaum corruption trial spent most of Friday trying to persuade the judge that her witnesses were reliable and trustworthy — and that any contradictions in their testimony were minor.
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'No paper trail' in Michael Applebaum's corruption trial means focus is on key witness's testimony

Without any documents connecting Michael Applebaum to an alleged strategy of municipal corruption, the testimony and credibility of a single key witness is important in the case against the former mayor of Montreal.

Ex-mayor Michael Applebaum will not testify at his corruption trial

A Quebec court has learned the defence will not be presenting any evidence in the Michael Applebaum corruption trial, and the former Montreal mayor will not be testifying.

'Elections aren't cheap': Real estate manager recalls Michael Applebaum's words

Robert Stein told a Quebec court Monday he was bullied into forking over $60,000 in kickbacks, some of which went to the right-hand man of then-borough mayor Michael Applebaum for a real estate development in Côte-des-Neiges called Projet Troie.

Cash-stuffed envelopes traded for NDG Sports Centre contract, engineer testifies

A Quebec court has heard how an engineer agreed to ferry thousands of dollars in cash to pay off the right-hand man of former Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum, in order to guarantee his firm would win a municipal contract.

Corruption 'created my lifestyle,' key witness in Michael Applebaum's trial testifies

The former political aide to ex-Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum who informed on his boss to help investigators told the corruption trial he spent illegally obtained cash on drugs and extravagant trips.

Michael Applebaum's former top aide says informing on boss took emotional toll

Michael Applebaum's former right-hand man suffered from depression and struggled with his role helping police gather information on Montreal's ex-mayor and his network of contacts, a Quebec court has heard.

'In order to charge you, [they] got to see the money,' ex-mayor Michael Applebaum says in recording

In the weeks leading up to the arrest of Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum, the man who was once his right-hand man helped police listen in on their hushed conversations about the province's crackdown on corruption, a Quebec court learned.

Fall from grace: Michael Applebaum's ill-fated climb to power

The trial of former Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum on corruption charges begins on Monday. As the former politician fights to clear his name, CBC News takes a look back at his political career.

'I realized … Michael Applebaum was open to corruption,' former aide testifies

Former Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum instructed his political aide to ask for tens of thousands of dollars in cash from real estate promoters in return for bureaucratic favours and support, a Quebec court has heard.