Why hasn't Facebook banned any far-right groups in Quebec?

When several Canadian groups and individuals were banned recently from Facebook for spreading hate, it was widely remarked that none were from Quebec, despite a sizable far-right scene in the province.

Conservative riding head steps down after ties to Quebec far-right group revealed

The Conservative Party of Canada has cut ties with the president of its Rivière-du-Nord riding association for his participation in La Meute, a far-right group known for its anti-immigration and anti-Muslim views.

Montreal neo-Nazi, outed this week, was lead cheerleader for deadly U.S. cell

A leading neo-Nazi propagandist, who was identified this week as a Montrealer, is being described as the "primary publicist" of a radical U.S. group that has been linked to the murders of five people.



Out of the Shadows: Inside La Meute

What is La Meute? Where did the group come from? Where is it going? CBC Montreal's feature video takes you along for a behind-the scenes look of the far-right group.

Did Quebec City police help legitimize province's far right?

Quebec City police are being accused of helping normalize far-right groups like La Meute after a demonstration Saturday in Quebec City.
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Are actions of police legitimizing far-right groups in Quebec ?

Critics accuse police of "normalizing" fascist groups after a Quebec City far-right protest left 44 counter-protesters arrested.
The Sunday Edition

Former Quebec neo-Nazi speaks out about how he learned to hate minorities

In his early 20s, Maxime Fiset founded a far-right organization in Quebec City and called himself a pro-Nazi white supremacist. He tells producer David Gutnick why he used to think that way — and why he changed.

'Open your eyes' to far-right threat, Quebec City mayor says

Quebec's political leaders need to "open their eyes" to the rise of far-right groups in the province, Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume says.

How Quebec's largest far-right group tries to win friends, influence people

CBC Montreal's Jonathan Montpetit followed along with La Meute, a far-right group in Quebec on a quest for mainstream legitimacy, as they attempted to stage an anti-immigration protest in Quebec City.

Far-right protest in Quebec City worries anti-racism advocates

A far-right protest that drew several hundred people to the streets of Quebec City over the weekend is raising alarm among those who have devoted their life to opposing racist views.

Far-right group claims PR victory after duelling protests in Quebec City

They were stuck in a Quebec City parking garage for four hours Sunday, but when they emerged, members of La Meute said they had succeeded in making their point.
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Does Canada take the threat of far-right extremism seriously?

Despite the recent racist violence in the U.S., and an increase in right-wing extremist activity here in Canada, experts disagree about whether Ottawa should make such groups a national security priority.
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Far-right Quebec group linked to vote against Muslim cemetery, says writer

Jonathan Montpetit identifies links with far-right group La Meute and the "No" side of Saint-Apollinaire's rejected Muslim cemetery proposal.

Quebec City mayor worried about far-right group linked to cemetery referendum

A far-right group in Quebec is being warned against further political meddling after it was tied to a referendum campaign that successfully managed to block the construction of a Muslim cemetery.

Deradicalization centre wants to expand to Quebec City to fight far-right extremism

A surge in right-wing extremism in the Quebec City area is prompting the province's deradicalization centre to consider setting up a permanent office there. But the proposal doesn't have the support of Mayor Régis Labeaume.

'Ultranationalists' monitor Roxham Road, where asylum seekers cross into Canada

Over the holiday weekend, a dozen people worried about lax border controls gathered in the woods near Hemmingford, Que., in the hopes of staring down asylum seekers.

Canadian branch of far-right group fragments amid infighting

The Canadian branch of Soldiers of Odin, a far-right group founded in Finland in 2015, grew quickly. It's now beset by infighting over whether to follow its hard line European leaders.

Quebec's far right looks for show of strength one month after mosque attack

Did the surge in sympathy following the mosque attack in Quebec City strike a blow to the province’s far-right movement? It doesn’t appear so.

Former NDP, Bloc MP takes leadership role in far right Quebec group La Meute

Former MP Claude Patry is leading a local chapter of Quebec's secretive far right group, La Meute, a spokesman for the group says.
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Former Quebec neo-Nazi speaks out about how he learned to hate minorities

All over Quebec, people are asking, how could it happen? How could a young man enter a mosque and just start shooting? Maxime Fiset says, it could have been him. In his early 20s, Maxime founded a far-right organization in Quebec City and called himself a pro-Nazi white supremacist. He tells David why he used to think that way — and why he changed.

After mosque attack, calls to clean up Quebec City's radio waves

A grassroots movement has been underway for years to "clean up" the radio waves around Quebec City. In the wake of Sunday's bloody attack on a suburban mosque, that movement may be gaining some mainstream support.

Muslim leaders in Quebec City find it difficult to ignore tensions that preceded shooting

Quebec City's Muslim community was unsettled by acts of intolerance long before six men were gunned down in one of the city's largest mosques during Sunday night prayers.

Inside Quebec's far right: Radical groups push extreme message

Meet the two groups working to bring European-style neo-fascism and American-style white nationalism to Quebec.

Inside Quebec's far right: Where do Quebec's extremist groups fit in?

The election of Donald Trump, Brexit, the electoral surge of anti-immigrant parties across Europe — many are speaking of a global far-right moment. We take a look at how Quebec compares.

Inside Quebec's far right: Soldiers of Odin leadership shake-up signals return to extremist roots

CBC News takes you inside the Soldiers of Odin as its Quebec branch finds itself at a crossroads: return to its controversial roots or moderate to broaden its appeal.