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Montreal sexual abuse victim says Catholic clergy interrogated him, looking for inconsistencies in his story

A victim of a sexually abusive Montreal priest says he's still shaken by what happened after he took his complaint to police in 2016: invited to a meeting at the same building where he'd been molested as a child, nine clergymen grilled him for hours, some trying to poke holes in his story.
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Students, staff left in the dark after Concordia's investigation of prof's behaviour

University investigators were told Jim Pfaus, an international expert in the psychology of sexual behaviour, pursued, dated or had sexual relationships with students in his classes or under his supervision. Pfaus retired at the end of 2018.

McGill dentistry prof found guilty of sexual misconduct by Quebec Order of Dentists

Dr. Nareg Apelian faces a possible five-year suspension from practising dentistry and is no longer assistant professor of dentistry at McGill University, after the order's disciplinary council ruled he touched a patient inappropriately at his off-campus clinic in 2016.
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Montreal woman stunned to find her Walmart gift cards drained

Gift cards are convenient and popular purchases, and last holiday season, Quebecers bought nearly $250 million of them. But as Samantha Vandzura discovered, scammers like them too.
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Montrealer loses thousands in inheritance to bogus online investment firm

Jérôme Huard entrusted thousands of dollars to an online investment firm that turned out to be a fake company called HQ Broker, which was blacklisted last summer by Quebec's security regulator. Canadians have lost over $14 million since 2015 to such scams.
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Jessica Neilson's parents feel abandoned by Montreal police, 10 years after her death

Jessica Neilson was found dead nearly a decade ago in St-Henri. Her parents say Montreal police haven't done enough to solve the murder.

Repeat offender tenant racks up nearly $17K in unpaid rent

Over the past three years, Nigel Calder, a Montreal tenant, has been evicted four times for not paying his rent. Some landlords didn't do a background check — a mistake they quickly came to regret.
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Charity watchdog says Habs children's foundation lacks transparency

The Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation is one of the largest charities in Canada. In 2016-2017, it raised $4.7 million. So where does that money go?
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Quebec court orders demolition of historic Plateau greystone, repairs to its twin

A Quebec Superior Court justice has ordered Guy Desrosiers, who still lives on the ground floor of one of the fenced-off heritage buildings he's owned since the early 1970s, to demolish one building and to restore and repair the other.
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Montreal man's life derailed after mix-up on French test result

Francis Paganini had to give up his job and put his life on hold after being told he'd failed a French-language test which all temporary foreign workers must pass before getting permanent residency in Quebec, when in fact, he had not.

Quebec party leaders explain what they'd do to help skilled immigrants find work in their field

Following a CBC Montreal Investigates story exploring challenges many skilled immigrants face getting work in their field, we asked the four major political parties what they'd do to improve the situation.

'I didn't come here to live this kind of life': Skilled immigrants on desperate hunt for jobs in Quebec

Instead of sparring over how many immigrants Quebec should accept, chemist Abdul Waheed wishes campaigning provincial politicians would talk about how to help skilled workers like him get jobs in their field so they could integrate into Quebec society.
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Stymied by Quebec adoption agencies, U.S. man turns to DNA testing and strikes gold, at last

Adopted as a baby, Ken Waisanen always wanted to know where he came from. But after what he describes as a dizzying runaround from Quebec adoption agencies to find his biological father, it was a DNA mouth swab that finally gave him the answer.
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Lachute mother wins years-long fight to get special funding for her autistic son

It took two appeals and a lot of stress and paperwork, but Tina Chapman says she has finally received a "life-changing" stipend from the government to help her defray the costs of the therapy her son needs to cope with daily life.
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'We live with a cloud over our heads': Quebecers say home care services fall short

Nearly 343,000 Quebecers receive publicly-funded home care. But clients and advocates say the services often fall short - and they want political parties to commit to improvements during the election.

McGill University professor sues student and colleague for $600K

A McGill professor alleges there was an organized campaign to discredit him and get him fired following what he says was a consensual relationship with a student. He is now suing another student and a colleague in his department for defamation.
CBC Investigates

Montrealer's immigration status in limbo after government questions his French skills

Francis Paganini passed the French test that's mandatory for Quebec-based workers who want to apply for permanent residency in Canada. Just weeks before his work visa was set to expire, he learned his results had been downgraded after being double-checked at the government's request.
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Condo buyers left in lurch after developer sells off unfinished Saint-Henri project

A group of Montreal condominium buyers are going to court to try to get back either their deposits or their condos, after the unfinished building they were to move into in Saint-Henri in 2016 was sold to another developer.

Parental alienation used as 'secret weapon' in custody battles, says expert

Experts say too often, victims of conjugal violence have to fight their ex-partner's claims that they're turning their children against them when they argue against sharing custody with someone with a history of violence.

Quebec students want say on how sexual violence addressed on campus

Students say they should be included on an advisory committee that's helping the Quebec government craft guidelines for universities and CEGEPs to deal with sexual violence.
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'I feel duped': Montreal mother angry after son's U.S. football dreams dashed by recruiters

Innavage Consulting recruits high school football players who dream of playing in the U.S., but some parents whose sons were sent to American prep schools say they were lured by false hopes and left with empty pockets.
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2017 was the worst on record for Metro interruptions. Here's why

If you rely on the Metro to get around and felt like 2017 was a particularly bad year for delays, it wasn't your imagination. Last year was the worst on record, CBC found through an access to information request.
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Lakeshore General Hospital patient still awaits psychiatric follow-up 13 months after discharge

When Janet Buri was released from the Lakeshore Hospital following a serious mental health relapse, she was told to go to her local community clinic for follow-up care. Thirteen months later, she's still waiting to see a psychiatrist.
CBC Investigates

Quebec's axing of fully funded IVF leads to increase in multiple pregnancies

Since Quebec scrapped its fully funded IVF program two years ago, more women are turning to intrauterine insemination, a cheaper fertility treatment — and more are getting pregnant with twins or triplets or more, as a result.
CBC Investigates

McGill's dentistry faculty criticized over its handling of sexual assault, harassment allegations

A former McGill student who alleges she was sexually assaulted by a dentistry faculty member last year said the faculty "poorly handled" its investigation of the incident. The faculty is facing criticism over the way it dealt with that complaint, as well as other troubling allegations from dentistry students of bullying and harassment.
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Outcry over service cuts for severely disabled 'unreasonable,' says health authority senior manager

Amid an uproar over cuts in services to some of the most profoundly disabled Montrealers in the English-speaking community, the associate CEO of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal has fired off an email calling critics of the sweeping changes "unreasonable."
CBC Investigates

'A cut to the most vulnerable': Day program for disabled adults drops older clients

Debbie Schichtman says drastic cuts at Miriam Home mean clients over 55 are being dropped from the social service agency's day program — robbing her sister of a sense of purpose and belonging.
CBC Investigates

MUHC doctor faces $360K sexual harassment lawsuit from hospital employee

An MUHC respiratory therapist has filed a $360,000 sexual harassment lawsuit against an anesthesiologist at the MUHC's Montreal General Hospital. The woman said she was left with no choice after the hospital and her union both failed to stop the alleged abuse.
CBC Investigates

Châteauguay student told to repeat high school years spent at Ontario Hockey Academy

After attending the Ontario Hockey Academy in Cornwall for two years, Shane Ford came home to Châteauguay to pick up the remaining credits he needed to get his high school diploma — only to be told his schooling in Ontario wasn't recognized.
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Escalator accidents happen every 2nd day in Montreal Metro

Montreal's public transit agency logs an escalator accident nearly every second day. Following the 2014 death of Naima Rharouity, the STM launched a safety campaign with tips on proper escalator etiquette. But few commuters CBC spoke to seemed aware of it.
CBC Investigates

How one man's search for Quebec adoption records turned into a 'wild goose chase'

Ken Waisanen applied for his adoption record in August 2016. Since then, his request has bounced around from one government agency to another. He's angry and astonished that no one seems to be in charge.
CBC Investigates

Buying a used car? Tips on how to avoid costly mistakes

Kijiji and Craigslist are often go-to places to find used car deals. But with it comes risk. A registered dealer can offer more protection, but the Canadian Automobile Association in Quebec says if you're buying a secondhand car, here are some checks to make before you buy.
CBC Investigates

Used-car nightmare leaves Montreal-area woman on hook for $30K

A year after Stacey Attey bought a second-hand Nissan Rogue, the Bank of Montreal informed her the man who sold it to her still owed almost $30,000 on it. CBC Montreal Investigates tried to find the seller, following a trail of suspicious transactions.

Lachute mother fights back after Quebec turns down stipend for autistic son

Tina Chapman is appealing to Quebec's administrative tribunal to challenge a government decision denying her six-year-old son, who has autism, special funding that would pay for the therapy he needs.

Why subsidized home daycares are struggling to survive in Quebec

La Place 0-5 was supposed to be a one-stop shop to help parents search for daycare openings. But more than two years after the website was launched, subsidized home daycares are still not listed, making it hard for the daycares to attract new children.
CBC Investigates

Soldier's Bible reunited with Canadian family more than a century after found in trenches

Andy Carr got curious about the origins of an old Bible on a shelf at his mother's home in Texas. Inside the flyleaf of the family keepsake was a handwritten dedication to Herbert V. Naylor, sparking a search for the original owner's descendants.
CBC Investigates

Montreal woman's mail diverted to suspected fraudster

When Kathleen Hamilton got a Canada Post notice asking her to confirm her request for mail forwarding, she thought it was a mistake. It turns out she was a victim of identity theft.

Montreal fire department adds more than 100 buildings to vacant, dangerous list

After a CBC Montreal investigation revealed serious gaps in the Montreal fire department's list of empty and dangerous buildings, Quebec's workplace health and safety board ordered fire department officials to fix that list.

Private donor steps up to pay for Quebec boy's autism therapy

Since Tina Chapman went public with her son's struggles after his publicly funded therapy for autism was cut, a donor has come forward to pay for him to get private therapy.
CBC Investigates

'I feel like a little bird': Quebec mom overjoyed after family gets health coverage back

Nearly three weeks after a Blainville family's medicare cards were abruptly cancelled by Quebec's health insurance board, RAMQ now says they were actually eligible.
CBC Investigates

Quebec family of 4 with baby on the way shocked after government revokes health insurance

Without warning, a Quebec family says all their medicare cards were cancelled. Worse, they may have to reimburse the provincial health insurance board tens of thousands of dollars because the board doesn't believe the family lives in Quebec.

Mother blames loss of publicly funded autism therapy for sending 5-year-old into tailspin

Tina Chapman says her son is regressing and unable to cope since his autism therapy, paid for by the Quebec government, was cut last summer when he started kindergarten.
CBC Investigates

'Miracle program' for troubled teens up and running again at Douglas Hospital

The Douglas Hospital has revived a successful program to treat teenagers with serious mental health problems. The dialectical behavior therapy or DBT group was put on hold last year by the regional health agency to make changes.
CBC Investigates

City of Montreal heads back to court to resolve future of heritage greystones

CBC Montreal Investigates did a series called Extreme Neglect back in September looking at several rundown buildings in the City of Montreal. We check back in to get an update on what's happened since.
CBC Investigates

Montreal fire department ordered to fix gaps in its dangerous, vacant building list

Following a CBC Montreal investigation that revealed inconsistencies in the list firefighters depend on to keep them safe, Quebec's workplace health and safety board has ordered the fire department to fix it.
CBC Investigates

Montreal police rebuffed effort to retrieve stolen merchandise, merchant says

After his store was targeted by Montreal-based online fraudsters, a Florida equestrian-goods retailer contacted Montreal police, but he says his complaint wasn't taken seriously.
CBC Investigates

Bank didn't do enough to prevent online credit card fraud, Montreal merchant says

Credit card fraud forced a Montreal businessman to close his online business, and he blames his bank for letting it happen.
CBC Investigates

How missing info on vacant buildings is risking the lives of Montreal firefighters

Montreal's boroughs collect crucial information about empty and dangerous buildings, but they're failing to share up-to-date lists with those who need it most: the city's firefighters.

Chris Ross tours abandoned building missing from fire list

The vice-president of Montreal's firefighters union was appalled to learn from CBC Montreal Investigates that this Plateau-Mont-Royal building is not on the fire department's own list of vacant and dangerous properties.
CBC Investigates

Victims of text message scam plead for more protection from their banks

Since telling you the story of Louanne Cataford, the 19-year-old Montreal college student who fell for an unsolicited text offering her $300 a week to carry a beverage company's ad on her car, CBC Montreal Investigates has heard from dozens of Canadians who've been scammed.
CBC Investigates

'Vultures' make millions on text message scams, fraud experts say

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre has heard from 200 victims this year who have fallen for scams like the one 19-year-old Montrealer Louanne Cataford endured, for a combined loss of more than $2.2 million.

Scammed student learns she's out $4K

Montreal college student Louanne Cataford turned to CBC after being told she'd drawn funds on a counterfeit cheque. She was caught in a scam promising her $300 a week for turning her car into a mobile billboard.
CBC Investigates

Montreal student responding to text ends up on hook for $4K in advertising scam

A Montreal college student found herself on the hook for $3,985 after she responded to an unsolicited text message promising her $300 a week to drive around with her car wrapped in a beverage company's ad.
CBC Investigates

Extreme neglect: Vacant, derelict buildings across Montreal

Extreme Neglect is a CBC Montreal Investigates series about rundown buildings in the City of Montreal that are no longer in use.
CBC Investigates

Plateau-Mont-Royal borough council to force demolition of St-Dominique St. building

Empty for at least a decade, the building at 3476 St-Dominique St. is covered in graffiti tags and is a frequent hangout for squatters.
CBC Investigates

Extreme neglect: On St-Dominique St., neighbours angered by Montreal's inaction

When Paul Stoica and his wife moved into their condo in the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough in 2014, their new neighbour warned: Walk past 3476 St-Dominique Street at your peril.
CBC Investigates

Extreme neglect: Montreal powerless to act as heritage greystones on de l'Esplanade crumble

A pair of once stately buildings on de l'Esplanade Avenue have been disintegrating for decades, and Montreal's efforts to force the owner to restore them have gone nowhere.
CBC Investigates

Extreme neglect: Aftermath of Roy St. fire leaves neighbours coping with squatters, mould, vermin

Irene Wagner and her family were forced out of their home for a year after a five-alarm fire tore through the building next door. They're still waiting for the burnt-out ruin adjacent to them to be rebuilt.

Rehab patients' advocate worried about shuffling of services at Lucie-Bruneau centre

A patients' advocate at the Centre Réadaptation Lucie Bruneau on the Plateau–Mont-Royal is worried about the impact on patients when the centre moves several of its specialized programs across the city next fall.
CBC Investigates

Metro turnstile jumpers, other cheaters caught in record numbers in 2015

Montreal's public transit authority stopped a record number of commuters for fare evasion in 2015, handing out 9,007 tickets for a total of $1.3 million in fines.

Quebec group-home owners decry lack of supportive housing for mentally ill

In the past decade, 700 supportive, family-style group homes for adults with mental illness have closed, leaving few housing options for vulnerable people unable to care for themselves.
CBC Investigates

Montreal's Douglas Hospital closes group home after death of mentally ill man

Ten days after 60-year-old Steven Bunce died last March, the Douglas Hospital shut down the group home where he'd lived for years, blaming workers there for incompetence and poor judgment. But Bunce's sister says the Douglas is "trying to pass the buck."

Mother of teen 'saved' by Douglas Hospital DBT program urges health minister to bring it back

"You can't cut programs to young adults. You just can't," says Perla Muyal, whose daughter Aviva credits the Douglas Hospital's dialectical behaviour group therapy program for turning her life around.

Group therapy program for depressed, suicidal teens on hold at Douglas Hospital

The Douglas Hospital has put on hold a successful program to treat teenagers with serious mental health problems, saying it's exploring more "cost-effective" options over the next year.
CBC Investigates

Quebec families turn to private autism therapies — at staggering cost

The wait for autism services for newly diagnosed children is sometimes more than two years, yet private therapy is unregulated and costly, forcing some families to remortgage their homes or take out huge loans.

What is ABA therapy for autism?

ABA therapy – or applied behaviour analysis – is an intense, one-on-one therapy designed to help children with autism learn language, communication and interpersonal skills.
CBC Investigates

Hidden camera reveals ABA therapist interacting 'roughly' with autistic 4-year-old boy

When Jennifer noticed her four-year-old son Adam acting strangely after an at-home therapy session to treat his autism last September, she asked her husband to install a hidden camera. What they witnessed on video left them shaken and unsure where to turn for help.
CBC Investigates

IVF treatments drop dramatically since Quebec funding cut 6 months ago

Quebec's fully funded in-vitro fertilization program ended in November 2015, and since then, the number of would-be parents seeking IVF treatments at the MUHC Reproductive Centre has plummeted.
CBC Investigates

Affordable housing hard to find in 'hot neighbourhoods' like Montreal's Mile End

Local governments support building co-operatives to meet the need for affordable housing in high-rent neighbourhoods, but co-op housing projects face many hurdles.

Genetic-testing bill to get final reading in Senate this week

Bill S-201 would make it illegal for insurance companies or employers to request genetic testing or ask for test results. Canada is the only G7 country without protection from discrimination based on genetic makeup.
CBC Investigates

Quebec out $8.6M last year in child-assistance overpayments

The Quebec government fails to recover millions of dollars in child assistance overpayments every year, when parents leave the province or don't report changes to their marital status or custody arrangements.

MUHC nurses 'in total distress' thanks to cuts, union says

The union that represents nurses at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) says the stress of bed closures and budget cuts is taking its toll. "We have staff in total distress right now," the MUHC nursing union says.

Royal Victoria Hospital restricts ambulance traffic to deal with bed closures

Since the Royal Victoria Hospital opened at the Glen site last spring, it has revised downwards the number of patients it can accept by ambulance three times.

Health Minister Gaétan Barrette not budging on MUHC's seasonal bed cuts

Quebec Health Minister Gaétan Barrette is dismissing concerns about the impact of dramatic bed cuts on patient care at the McGill University Health Centre.

MUHC seasonal bed closures will mean longer waits for surgery, doctor warns

With the number of available beds at the MUHC dipping to 719 for a total of 14 weeks of the year, an oncology surgeon predicts wait times for cancer surgery could double, and elective surgeries could face even longer delays.

Parti Québécois, unions call on government to abandon daycare fee hikes

A day after former premier Pauline Marois blasted the Liberals over daycare cuts, more than 25,000 post cards signed by parents and daycare workers were hand-delivered to the premier's office.
CBC Investigates

Subsidized Quebec home daycare operators face uncertain future

Owners of subsidized daycares in Quebec are worried the government's fee increase will have parents opting for the private sector, forcing them to shut down.
CBC Investigates

How Montreal's response to water main breaks stacks up

The way the city of Montreal reacts to water main breaks is much more complicated than how other cities manage their response.
CBC Investigates

Pie-IX water main break: Critics slam Montreal for slow response time

A CBC Montreal investigation found holes in the city's emergency response plan for major water main breaks, however Mayor Denis Coderre says "there is a change of culture in the best practice."

Why a major water main break on Pie-IX took 5 hours to fix

When a 48-inch water main broke at the corner of Pie-IX Boulevard and Villeray Street last Oct. 30, more than 600 buildings were flooded and about 250 people were forced out of their homes. Here's how that morning unfolded.
CBC Investigates

Pie-IX water main break exposes holes in emergency response plan

A CBC Montreal investigation shows borough crews weren't equipped to repair the water main break that flooded more than 600 buildings last October. And the city crews that could handle it don't work on Fridays.

Quebec parents in for 'ugly surprise' at tax time with bill for increased daycare fees

Many Quebec parents are unprepared for the big bill they'll get at tax time, once they calculate what they owe the government in increased daycare fees that went into effect in April 2015.

Patients, advocates push for law to keep genetic test results private

Advances in genetic testing have improved doctors' ability to diagnose and treat certain illnesses, but thousands of Canadians have opted not to take the tests for fear it may compromise their career, lead to higher premiums or hurt their chances of being eligible for insurance.
CBC Investigates

Montreal ambulance service blames 'technical glitch' for failing to respond to call

CBC Montreal Investigates tracks down a 911 call that Montreal's ambulance service, Urgences-Santé, said it never received — leaving a Pierrefonds man having chest pains waiting in vain for paramedics.

MUHC hires more neonatal nurses after overworked staff plead for help

Staffing levels are back on track after a cry for help from overworked nurses caring for the sickest newborn babies at the new Montreal Children's Hospital.
CBC Investigates

Winning in Quebec small claims court no guarantee of seeing award

Winning in Quebec's small claims court comes with no guarantee you'll see your reward, one Montreal man has learned after spending more than $7,000 to chase down a debtor.

Pie-IX Blvd. water main break leads to 209 flood claims against Montreal

Nearly six weeks after a major reinforced-concrete pipe burst on Pie-IX Boulevard, flooding dozens of homes, it's still a mystery what caused the pipe to fail.

Lucie Bruneau rehabilitation centre's survival threatened, users warn

Patients and staff at the Centre Réadaptation Lucie Bruneau on the Plateau Mont-Royal say a planned reorganization threatens the very programs and services that help the centre's severely disabled patients live independently once again.

New Quebec IVF treatment restrictions leave couples 'devastated'

After the Quebec government quickly put into effect its new restrictions on in-vitro fertilization treatment this week, hundreds of couples were shocked to find out they now have to pay.

Hungarian Roma regularly prevented from boarding Canada-bound flights

Canada-bound Hungarian Roma with valid travel documents have been interrogated at Budapest's international airport and denied permission to travel by unidentified officials dozens of times in recent months, CBC News has learned.

Montreal woman stunned after rental property host threatens to sue if she posts bad review

A Montreal woman says she was stunned after she rented a property and then got a letter from the host, warning her she could face aggressive legal action if she posts a negative review.
Special Report

Balcony collapse in Eastern Townships a close call

A high-profile Quebecer is asking questions about provincial building inspection rules and how her condo was built after a balcony collapsed onto her porch in the Eastern Townships.

Bad cellphone reception, $585 cancellation fees plague Montreal woman

A Montreal woman says Fido charged her $585 in cancellation fees after months of spotty service forced her to give up on her new iPhone 5s — until CBC Montreal Investigates intervened.

Montreal, Quebec City drinking water tests satisfactory: experts

Quebec’s two biggest cities each conduct tests to detect a majority of the 75 drinking water contaminants Health Canada suggests measuring for, above and beyond many other municipalities in the country.

Quebec couple charged $150 to fix typo on airline tickets

At one point in time, someone has probably misspelled your name. But one Quebec couple was charged $140 to fix the mistake.

Quebec couple charged fees to cancel airline tickets after names spelled wrong

Kurt and Marlene Dobbertin were charged $150 after they were issued plane tickets to Wisconsin from Ontario-based travel company FlightHub with their names spelled wrong...until CBC Montreal Investigates stepped in.
Special Report

Charities to lobby Quebec municipalities for fairer collection box rules

A coalition of non-profit charity organizations will lobby municipal authorities at a convention in Montreal today for more leeway to collect clothes in donation boxes on their territories.

Dealer, Toyota kept Montreal widow on the hook for husband's lease

A driver’s advocacy group is urging senior citizens who are 75 or older not to sign car leases after the widow of a 79-year-old Montreal man who entered a five-year contract with a local Toyota dealership was told she would be responsible for the vehicle.

Laval police investigating daycare zoning change

Laval Police are investigating how the city approved a zoning change for a private daycare centre in a residential zone during the tenure of former mayor Gilles Vaillancourt, CBC Montreal Investigates has learned.

Quebec to step in for Montreal leukemia patient with expired health card

A Montreal woman suffering from leukemia may soon be saved from the deadly disease, with the Quebec government saying it would step in to pay for her expensive bone marrow transplant, despite the fact her immigration status has prevented her from renewing her medicare card.