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Report blames top Montreal Church officials for ignoring complaints about priest who preyed on young boys

Brian Boucher was able to sexually abuse two young boys and terrorize several others over a 20-year span because top officials in the Catholic Church ignored complaints about his behaviour and, in some cases, tried to keep serious allegations secret, according to a damning report.
CBC Investigates

Pandemic has lengthened wait times for surgery in Quebec, leaving hundreds of patients in limbo

The pandemic put many surgeries on hold last spring and Quebec hospitals are having a difficult time whittling down waiting lists as more patients get added, and surgical nurses leave the job.

Quebec party leaders explain what they'd do to help skilled immigrants find work in their field

Following a CBC Montreal Investigates story exploring challenges many skilled immigrants face getting work in their field, we asked the four major political parties what they'd do to improve the situation.
CBC Investigates

'We live with a cloud over our heads': Quebecers say home care services fall short

Nearly 343,000 Quebecers receive publicly-funded home care. But clients and advocates say the services often fall short - and they want political parties to commit to improvements during the election.

McGill University professor sues student and colleague for $600K

A McGill professor alleges there was an organized campaign to discredit him and get him fired following what he says was a consensual relationship with a student. He is now suing another student and a colleague in his department for defamation.

Quebec students want say on how sexual violence addressed on campus

Students say they should be included on an advisory committee that's helping the Quebec government craft guidelines for universities and CEGEPs to deal with sexual violence.
CBC Investigates

'I feel duped': Montreal mother angry after son's U.S. football dreams dashed by recruiters

Innavage Consulting recruits high school football players who dream of playing in the U.S., but some parents whose sons were sent to American prep schools say they were lured by false hopes and left with empty pockets.
CBC Investigates

Quebec's axing of fully funded IVF leads to increase in multiple pregnancies

Since Quebec scrapped its fully funded IVF program two years ago, more women are turning to intrauterine insemination, a cheaper fertility treatment — and more are getting pregnant with twins or triplets or more, as a result.
CBC Investigates

Outcry over service cuts for severely disabled 'unreasonable,' says health authority senior manager

Amid an uproar over cuts in services to some of the most profoundly disabled Montrealers in the English-speaking community, the associate CEO of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal has fired off an email calling critics of the sweeping changes "unreasonable."
CBC Investigates

'A cut to the most vulnerable': Day program for disabled adults drops older clients

Debbie Schichtman says drastic cuts at Miriam Home mean clients over 55 are being dropped from the social service agency's day program — robbing her sister of a sense of purpose and belonging.

Lachute mother fights back after Quebec turns down stipend for autistic son

Tina Chapman is appealing to Quebec's administrative tribunal to challenge a government decision denying her six-year-old son, who has autism, special funding that would pay for the therapy he needs.
CBC Investigates

Soldier's Bible reunited with Canadian family more than a century after found in trenches

Andy Carr got curious about the origins of an old Bible on a shelf at his mother's home in Texas. Inside the flyleaf of the family keepsake was a handwritten dedication to Herbert V. Naylor, sparking a search for the original owner's descendants.

Private donor steps up to pay for Quebec boy's autism therapy

Since Tina Chapman went public with her son's struggles after his publicly funded therapy for autism was cut, a donor has come forward to pay for him to get private therapy.

Mother blames loss of publicly funded autism therapy for sending 5-year-old into tailspin

Tina Chapman says her son is regressing and unable to cope since his autism therapy, paid for by the Quebec government, was cut last summer when he started kindergarten.



Chris Ross tours abandoned building missing from fire list

The vice-president of Montreal's firefighters union was appalled to learn from CBC Montreal Investigates that this Plateau-Mont-Royal building is not on the fire department's own list of vacant and dangerous properties.
CBC Investigates

'Vultures' make millions on text message scams, fraud experts say

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre has heard from 200 victims this year who have fallen for scams like the one 19-year-old Montrealer Louanne Cataford endured, for a combined loss of more than $2.2 million.
CBC Investigates

Victims of text message scam plead for more protection from their banks

Since telling you the story of Louanne Cataford, the 19-year-old Montreal college student who fell for an unsolicited text offering her $300 a week to carry a beverage company's ad on her car, CBC Montreal Investigates has heard from dozens of Canadians who've been scammed.
CBC Investigates

Montreal student responding to text ends up on hook for $4K in advertising scam

A Montreal college student found herself on the hook for $3,985 after she responded to an unsolicited text message promising her $300 a week to drive around with her car wrapped in a beverage company's ad.



Scammed student learns she's out $4K

Montreal college student Louanne Cataford turned to CBC after being told she'd drawn funds on a counterfeit cheque. She was caught in a scam promising her $300 a week for turning her car into a mobile billboard.
CBC Investigates

Extreme neglect: Vacant, derelict buildings across Montreal

Extreme Neglect is a CBC Montreal Investigates series about rundown buildings in the City of Montreal that are no longer in use.
CBC Investigates

Plateau-Mont-Royal borough council to force demolition of St-Dominique St. building

Empty for at least a decade, the building at 3476 St-Dominique St. is covered in graffiti tags and is a frequent hangout for squatters.
CBC Investigates

Extreme neglect: Aftermath of Roy St. fire leaves neighbours coping with squatters, mould, vermin

Irene Wagner and her family were forced out of their home for a year after a five-alarm fire tore through the building next door. They're still waiting for the burnt-out ruin adjacent to them to be rebuilt.
CBC Investigates

Extreme neglect: Montreal powerless to act as heritage greystones on de l'Esplanade crumble

A pair of once stately buildings on de l'Esplanade Avenue have been disintegrating for decades, and Montreal's efforts to force the owner to restore them have gone nowhere.
CBC Investigates

Extreme neglect: On St-Dominique St., neighbours angered by Montreal's inaction

When Paul Stoica and his wife moved into their condo in the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough in 2014, their new neighbour warned: Walk past 3476 St-Dominique Street at your peril.
CBC Investigates

Hidden camera reveals ABA therapist interacting 'roughly' with autistic 4-year-old boy

When Jennifer noticed her four-year-old son Adam acting strangely after an at-home therapy session to treat his autism last September, she asked her husband to install a hidden camera. What they witnessed on video left them shaken and unsure where to turn for help.