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Black stories: 7 Montrealers recount their most personal experiences

In honour of Black History Month, CBC Montreal brought seven storytellers together for a live, tell-all event.

Not enough support for black creators, say Montreal artists

Keithy Antoine, Kosi Nnebe and Stefan Verna talk to Cinq à six host Jeanette Kelly about the challenges they face trying to tell their own stories.

Journalist Shari Okeke: 'Proud of my roots'

In a feature profile from CBC's French-language service, journalist Shari Okeke describes how her experience growing up in Montreal, and her family's Quebec, Canadian and African roots, have shaped her perspectives.

The Colour of Science

The Colour of Science, taking place this weekend at the Redpath Museum, aims to inspire young people and to promote and showcase diversity in the scientific field.

Freddie James's racial profiling complaint is part of larger issue inside Montreal police force

Montreal singer Freddie James went public this week with a complaint of police racial profiling — an issue Montreal's police chief Marc Parent admits is a problem in his force.

Inhairitance salon owner embraces natural curly hair

As children, Daybreak's Shari Okeke and Inhairitance salon owner Abisara Machold both had white moms who wanted them to love their curly hair. They didn't. But as adults, they've come to appreciate the merits of natural hair styles.

Daybreak broadcasts from Inhairitance salon in St-Henri

In a special show honouring Black History Month, Daybreak invited members of Montreal's black community to come tell their stories and give listeners a sense of the events and issues that are important right now.
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Black History Month laureates: Skipper Dean

Soul singer Skipper Dean says Montreal has a thriving black community with plenty of strong role models. However, he says there's still work to be done to ensure the city welcomes everybody.
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Black History Month laureates: Madwa-Nika Cadet

Throughout February, Homerun will bring you feature interviews with some of the 2015 Montreal Black History Month laureates.

Black History Month in Montreal to celebrate jazz legend Oliver Jones

To mark the 24th year of Black History Month celebration in Montreal, organizers are focusing on the contributions of local heroes.

M1, rapper with Dead Prez, denied entry at Montreal airport

Mutulu Olugbala, otherwise known as M1 from rap duo Dead Prez, was turned away by Canada Border Services Agency late Friday night in an incident he attributed to "racial profiling."

Actor Jaa Smith-Johnson honoured at Black Theatre Workshop gala

Montreal actor Jaa Smith-Johnson is still overwhelmed by the recognition he's set to recieve this weekend at the Black Theatre Workshop's 29th annual Vision Celebration Gala.

Black community members testify they feel like 2nd class citizens

Members of Montreal's black community had strong words for politicians today on the second day of hearings into the province's new policy on immigration, diversity and inclusion.

Black History Month is still very necessary, says spokesperson Valérie Daure

Singer-songwriter Valerie Daure is one of two spokespeople for this years Black History Month. She spoke with Sue Smith about growing up with racism and why we still desperately need a Black History Month.