The new MUHC: A weekend user's guide

The new Glen site brings together six different health care facilities. Find out where and how to get the care you need during the transition.

Royal Victoria Hospital moves to new Glen site April 26

The entrance to the new Royal Victoria Hospital at the Glen site of the new MUHC. (Melinda Dalton/CBC)

The new Glen site brings together six different health care facilities.

They will move to the site over the course of several months:

  • Royal Victoria Hospital  (April 26)
  • Montreal Children's Hospital (May 24)
  • Montreal Chest Institute (June 14)
  • Cedars Cancer Centre (an amalgamation of several MUHC sites, June 14)
  • Shriners Hospitals for Children (Fall 2015)
  • The Research Institute of the MUHC  (an amalgamation of several MUHC sites, moved winter 2015)
Some units of the Montreal General are also moving to the Glen on June 14. See a full list on the MUHC's site. 

Not all of the MUHC's facilities are moving to the Glen site, including:

  • The Lachine Hospital.
  • The Montreal Neurological Institute.
  • Much of the Montreal General Hospital, including the emergency room.
  • Several outpatient clinics affiliated with the MUHC.

What happens this weekend?

One of the major moves involved in the transfer to the MUHC takes place on April 26 — that's when the majority of the old Royal Victoria Hospital will be moved to its new home. 

Here's our user's guide to navigating the hospital this weekend. 

What if I need emergency attention?

On Sunday morning at 5 a.m., the doors to the Royal Victoria emergency room at the old hospital will be closing. At the same time, the adult emergency at the new MUHC will open. Anyone requiring emergency medical services who would usually go to the old Royal Victoria after 5 a.m. should go directly to the new emergency room at the Glen site. 

What if I go into labour?

The MUHC is asking mothers who go into labour before 5 a.m. on April 26 to report to the old Royal Victoria.  Mothers who go into labour after that are asked to head straight to the new superhospital at the Glen site.

What if my loved one is at the Royal Vic?

Starting at 7 a.m. on April 26, a convoy of 29 ambulances and several other reserved vehicles will move than 200 patients from the old Royal Victoria Hospital to the new one.

One patient will be transferred every three minutes, always accompanied by a nurse. Police will control traffic along the route but streets will not be closed to other traffic.

A convoy of ambulances and other reserved vehicles will transport patients from the old Royal Victoria Hospital to the new MUHC Glen site on April 26. (Helene Simard/CBC)

Family members of patients being transferred from the Royal Victoria Hospital to the new MUHC superhospital at the Glen Site should stay home on move day, according to hospital officials. A team of social workers will check in with patients and their families before and after the move.

What happens if I am seeing specialist at the hospital?

Every patient will be informed by their specialists office if the move affects his or her treatment.

You can use your current hospital card when visiting the Glen site provided the information on it is up-to-date.