Tacos Victor gets support from St-Henri neighbours after New Year's break-in

Tacos Victor, a popular taco joint in Montreal's St-Henri neighbourhood, is open for business again after a break-in shortly in the early morning hours of Jan. 1.

Victor Soto dreamed of opening a taco shop as a child in Mexico City

Tacos Victor, a taco restaurant in Saint-Henri. (CBC)

A popular taco joint in Montreal's St-Henri neighbourhood is open for business again after a break-in shortly in the early morning hours of Jan. 1.

Thieves stole the cash register and vandalized Tacos Victor.  A small amount of money was also taken.

Owner Victor Soto, who opened the restaurant in August, said he won't let a robbery shut him down. 

Although he plans to file an insurance claim, he is for now paying for the repairs out of pocket.

In the mean time, other businesses have offered to help.

"There's a bar right next door to us, who called and told us, 'whatever you need, even if it's a little bit of sugar,'" Soto said. 

Soto told CBC he has dreamed of owning a taco shop since he was a 13-year-old living in Mexico. 

He said he's set out to make a community-oriented restaurant, with affordable prices and by handing out free soup to passerby every Thursday.

Soto said he appreciates all the kind messages and offers of support.

"I want the world to come and eat my tacos," Soto said.


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