Taxi surge pricing considered by Quebec government in new bill

According to Radio-Canada's Sebastien Bovet, the Quebec government will institute surge pricing for all taxis in the province.

Radio-Canada reports Transport Minister Jacques Daoust will table bill next week

Transport minister Jacques Daoust is expected to table a bill at the National Assembly next week. (CBC)

The Quebec government's new legislation for the taxi industry will allow taxi drivers to use surge pricing, sources tell Radio-Canada.

That would mean prices could increase when demand is strong or fall during quieter times.

That type of pricing is currently used by ride-hailing services like Uber. 

As it stands, if you take a taxi any time during the day, you pay the same price no matter the level of demand.

New legislation on taxi licensing is partly inspired by the system used by new taxi service Téo Taxi, Radio-Canada's Sebastien Bovet reported.

Téo Taxi requires drivers to buy or rent permits under the regular framework of Quebec's taxi industry.

Transport Minister Jacques Daoust is set to table the legislation in the National Assembly next week.