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Steve Rukavina is a journalist with CBC Montreal.

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Quebec is using long-term care homes to house COVID-19 patients who aren't residents

Health networks across the province are now asking long-term care homes to set up "hot zones" for covid patients from the wider community, leaving some staff and family members worried.

Boys in several Quebec high schools wear skirts to protest dress code

Boys in Quebec high schools have been wearing skirts in support of gender equality, LGBTQ rights, and ending hyper-sexualization of female students.

Pressure builds on Quebec government to make masks mandatory in classrooms

The number of COVID-19 infections is rising rapidly in Quebec's schools, with more than 600 of the province's 3,000 learning institutions now affected. Doctors, teachers' unions and students are agitating for mask use in the classroom, and the province's public health director hasn't closed the door.

Father of Île–Bizard man who died after police intervention welcomes public inquiry

Cesur Celik says the announcement of a coroners inquiry is the first positive thing he's heard from authorities since his son died in 2017.

Court upholds suspension of Quebec's reform of English school boards

The Quebec Court of Appeal has upheld a suspension of Bill 40, the CAQ government's controversial education reform. That means English language school boards will be allowed to continue to operate, at least for now.

Dawson College theatre profs say they support students who made allegations against Winston Sutton

At least three former students have accused Winston Sutton of grooming them emotionally and, in two cases, of sexually harassing them. Other theatre professors at Dawson said Wednesday they support the complainants. 

Future of English language school boards debated before Quebec's highest court

A coalition of community groups and school boards is challenging the constitutionality of the law, arguing it violates minority language educational rights.

Dawson College drama teacher quietly stops teaching after new allegations of sexual misconduct

Winston Sutton is no longer teaching at the school following sexual harassment allegations against him, nearly three years after complaints from former students led to his suspension.

Quebec judge who asked woman to remove hijab apologizes, 5 years later

It's been more than five years since Quebec Court Judge Eliana Marengo refused to hear the case of a Montreal woman because she was wearing a hijab. Marengo apologized on Tuesday.

Facing long winter during a pandemic, Montreal opens three new homeless shelters

Montreal announced three new homeless shelters to offer beds and services to people living on the streets during the winter months amid the pandemic. But a coalition of groups that work with people on the street say the city didn't go far enough.

Montreal police officer who rammed car in road rage incident won't face discipline

Roberto Tomarelli won't face discipline, even though a judge has already ruled he was 'negligent', 'reckless', and 'not credible'

Quebec says private schools can't force students to wear masks in classrooms

Some Quebec private schools say they'll go beyond provincial guidelines and require students to wear masks at all times, even in classrooms. The province says they can't.

Bordeaux jail not following COVID-19 public health guidelines

An inmate at Bordeaux tells CBC respecting public health rules for COVID-19 at the jail is impossible.

EMSB report into harassment claims reveals poisonous work environment

The report highlights shouting matches, swearing, flinging of papers, and perhaps most bizarrely, allegations of passive aggressive humming of a song from The Lion King.

Judge who told woman to remove hijab offering to apologize in settlement proposal

It's been more than five years since Quebec court Judge Eliana Marengo told Montreal woman Rania El-Alloul to remove her hijab in the courtroom, saying she was "not suitably dressed." After a long legal battle, Marengo now wants to apologize.