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Steve Rukavina is a journalist with CBC Montreal.

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Richard Bain, PQ election night rally shooter, appeals parole eligibility to Supreme Court

The lawyer for Richard Bain, the man who shot and killed a stagehand and wounded another at a PQ election night victory rally in 2012, is asking the Supreme Court of Canada to consider reducing the amount of time before Bain is eligible for parole.

Officers launch legal challenge of Quebec's police watchdog

When a police officer in Quebec is under investigation for a shooting or causing serious injury in the line of duty, they can't invoke the right to silence or consult a lawyer. Officers say that's unconstitutional. They're taking the government to court to try to change it.

Disciplinary hearing for judge who refused to hear woman wearing hijab is again delayed

The judge compared the hijab to a hat and sunglasses, saying she wouldn’t hear a case from someone wearing those, either.

Lawyers for former national ski coach Bertrand Charest want charges tossed

Bertrand Charest's lawyers say the Crown's admission that 20 of the 37 counts the one-time national ski coach was convicted of should be thrown out calls into question his convictions on all the charges, as well as the severity of his sentence.

Seafarers union blames lenient Transport Canada policy for merchant sailor's death

The Port of Montreal is one of only a few in the world where seafarers are allowed to unlash containers aboard their ships before docking — a dangerous practice, according to the International Transport Workers Federation.

'Justice is for everyone': Community suggests double standard in response to death of black child

When a white girl in youth protection died in Granby last month, the premier called for action, and four separate investigations were launched. Montreal's Nigerian community says by contrast, the death of a black boy in youth protection a week earlier was 'swept under the carpet.'

Parents angry over threat to EMSB schools, say building swap could be the answer

Parents from Rivière-des-Prairies say if the EMSB swaps Lester B. Pearson High School for Jean Grou high school, which is part of a French-language board, everyone will be happy.

Asylum seeker sentenced for sexually assaulting patient in Montreal psych ward

It's not clear how Owolabi Adejojo was able to get into Canada, why authorities didn't seem to be aware he had been charged with assault in the U.S., or how he ended up in the psychiatric ward.

Judge lambastes Dorval family for dumping garbage in front of neighbours' home

"Some cases should never come to court, let alone go to trial. This is one of them," the judge wrote in his decision, which awarded the wronged neighbour $15,000 in damages, plus legal costs.

Teenage girl involved in fatal robbery plot gets 30-month sentence

A 17-year-old girl has been sentenced to 20 months in detention and 10 months' probation for her role in a botched robbery that resulted in a 17-year-old youth's death.

Montreal 'going to war' against single-use plastic and styrofoam food containers

Mayor Valérie Plante says a bylaw banning styrofoam and plastics will be passed by 2020, but the ban will be phased in gradually to give businesses time to adapt.

'We laugh. We cry. We work a lot,' say Pierrefonds neighbours living a déja vu

People on Lauzon Street in Montreal's Pierrefonds district say flooding is now a fact of life, but most say they're not going anywhere.

Heavily redacted audit of Montreal's anti-radicalization centre sheds little light on problems

A heavily redacted audit of the City of Montreal's anti-radicalization centre obtained by CBC News identifies mostly unspecified "irregularities" and criticizes employees for expressing opinions.

Man abused by priest launches class action suit against Montreal Catholic archdiocese

The suit, launched by one of the victims of sexual assailant Fr. Brian Boucher, is seeking compensation for anyone who may have been sexually assaulted by a Montreal Catholic priest or church staff member since 1940.

'They're not candy': Father of dead teen backs coroner's call for tighter rules for drinks like FCKD UP

A Quebec coroner has concluded teenager Athéna Gervais drowned in February 2018 after drinking large quantities of a high-alcohol sugary drink.