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St-Henri Chronicles

This Concordia University/CBC series explores stories from Montreal's St-Henri neighbourhood.

Concordia University/CBC series explores stories from Montreal's St-Henri neighbourhood

(Corinne Smith)

St-Henri Chronicles is a collaboration between the Department of Journalism at Concordia University, and CBC Montreal.

Students in a graduate-level multimedia course were asked to find and produce original stories on St-Henri for their final class project.

They spent the winter term developing these stories, and experimented with sound, pictures, video, infographics and maps to tell them.   

Explore the neighbourhood through their reports below:

Three men and a micro-neighbourhood

By Kathryn Jezer-Morton

The Bloom brothers are riding St-Henri's gentrification wave. Just don't blame them for the rising rents.

Goalball: More than a sport​ 

By Samuel Rancourt​

Several Quebec athletes are vying for a spot on the national goalball team, which could mean a shot at competing in Rio at the 2016 Paralympics.

St-Henri reintegration program gives women new start

By Miriam Barchilón, Antoni Nerestant and Amie Watson

St-Henri is home to the province's only official reintegration program aimed at helping mothers who've had run-ins with the justice system. 

TRAC workers improving life in St-Henri, 1 person at a time

By Chelsea Berne and Olivia Jones

Every day Stéphanie walks the streets of St-Henri helping members of the community live a better life and combating the negative reputation that has tailed the neighbourhood for decades.

St-Henri's field of dreams

By Tim Lazier and Kurt Weiss

A baseball renaissance is stirring in Montreal, fuelled in part by efforts to bring back a major league team.

Home of the Victrola: Hidden gem of St-Henri

​By Felicia Parrillo and Kate Sheridan

​Hidden away in the heart of St-Henri is the former RCA factory where Emile Berliner built some of the most famous inventions of the 20th century.

St-Henri's railway and fences

By Joseph Arciresi

Like many neighbourhoods in Montreal, St-Henri has a symbiotic relationship with the the rail line that runs through its middle. This project examines the condition of the fencing around the major railway that runs through the neighbourhood.