St-Adolphe-d'Howard says Hydro-Québec refuses to compromise

Officials in St-Adolphe-d'Howard say Hydro-Québec refuses to compromise on its controversial plan to build a power line.

Town officials say power line would hurt scenery, economy

A counter-proposal presented by St-Adolphe d'Howard Mayor Lisette Lapointe was rejected by Hydro-Québec. (CBC)

Officials in St-Adolphe d'Howard say Hydro-Québec refuses to compromise on its controversial plan to build a power line.

The public utility announced in June it would build a power line that would go through St-Adolphe d'Howard. But town officials argue the power line would hurt the scenery and its economy.

On Thursday, Hydro-Québec rejected the town's counter-proposals. 

St-Adolphe d'Howard Mayor Lisette Lapointe said she was disappointed by the move. 

"It was an ultimate try on our part to propose a line that would go through our municipality, but not in front of the village, not above our main lake in the center of the village," she said.

"Imagine on Mount Royal in Montreal if there was an electric line. It's the same thing."

Hydro-Québec spokesman Serge Abergel said the town's recommendation would actually bring the lines closer to more residents. 

"Their proposition involved moving the line further up north from the route that was proposed by Hydro-Quebec," Abergel said.

"Moving it further up north also means moving it in an area that is more densely populated, which has consequences."

He said the current plans are based on three years of discussions with municipalities in the area.


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