No, Montreal won't have 250 more police officers in 2023

The new staff promised by Valérie Plante will mainly be used to replace retirees.

New hires will mostly be used to replace retiring officers

Mayor Valérie Plante had promised to hire 250 police officers by the end of 2022. ( Jean-Claude Taliana/CBC)

Montreal will get new police officers — but not 250 more, as previously promised by Montreal mayor Valérie Plante.

During the municipal election campaign, the Projet Montréal leader said her promise to recruit 250 police officers by Dec. 31, 2022 would represent a net addition to the Montreal police.

But at a news conference Monday, the mayor confirmed the 250 hires would also be used to replace retiring police officers.

"For me, it has always been clear that between today and December 2022, there would be 250 police officers hired, and that would include those leaving for retirement, which aren't specified for 2022," she said.

"I want to reiterate that this goal was made with the SPVM, but we will adjust if necessary."

The difference is important, given that as of Nov. 2, the City of Montreal estimated that 215 officers would retire by 2023: 46 by the end of 2021, and 169 in 2022.

During the election, at a news conference outlining her party's first planned 100 days, Plante had promised to hire 30 police officers by the end of this year, 220 next year, and 250 by the end of 2022.

Speaking to reporters at the time, Plante said the hires would serve as a net addition to the SPVM's workforce.

Her pledge followed one made by Ensemble Montréal's former leader, Denis Coderre, a week earlier. Coderre had promised to quickly hire 250 additional police officers if he was elected, which would represent a net increase.

Based on a report by Radio-Canada's Jérôme Labbé