Spotlight on Montreal ridings: Saint-Léonard–Saint-Michel

A Liberal stronghold, Saint-Léonard—Saint-Michel has been solidly red since 1976.

Twice shaken by scandal, will voters in Saint-Léonard–Saint-Michel stay true to their red roots?

A Liberal stronghold, Saint-Léonard–Saint-Michel has been solidly red since 1976. 

It was the home riding of longtime Liberal MP Alfonso Gagliano. During his 18 years in office, Gagliano served as minister of labour and minister of public works. He was also the minister responsible for the mismanaged federal sponsorship program which was the subject of a public inquiry headed by the retired justice John Gomery in 2004. Gagliano resigned in 2002 and was appointed Canadian ambassador to Denmark, but he was recalled after the inquiry was launched. He tried unsuccessfully to sue the government over his termination.  Gagliano was never charged criminally in connection with the scandal.

After Gagliano's departure, the void in the riding was filled by Massimo Pacetti, who was re-elected four times. However, Pacetti was kicked out of the Liberal caucus in 2014 after allegations of sexual impropriety arose in relation to an incident with an NDP MP. 

Pacetti maintained his innocence, but he sat as an independent for the rest of his term and decided not to seek re-election. 

The riding, located in northeast Montreal, includes the borough of  Saint-Léonard as well as the part of Montreal extending from the border of the former cities of Saint-Léonard and Anjou to Papineau Avenue.

This time around, the Liberal candidate is labour lawyer Nicola Di lorio. NDP candidate Rosannie Filato is also a labour lawyer, serving as counsel for the United Food and Commercial Workers. The Conservatives are running Concordia University economics student Jean Philippe Fournier. The Bloc candidate is chartered accountant Steeve Gendron.

Riding History

  • Riding created in 1976 as Saint-Léonard-Anjou.
  • Voters have elected Liberals since the riding's creation.

Riding snapshot

Population: 110,650 (2011 Census)

Mother tongue: French (32.9 per cent), English (6.7 per cent),  non-official languages (60.4 per cent; largest linguistic groups are Creole, Spanish, Arabic and Italian)

Average household income: $59,307 (2011 National Household Survey)

Results last election

​Liberal 15,350
NDP 11,715
Conservatives 4,984
Bloc Québécois 3,405
Green  657
Marxist-Leninist 162

Candidates 2015

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