Spotlight on Montreal ridings: Outremont

This riding in the centre of Montreal is one of three in the city that is the home riding to the leader of one of the major political parties.

NDP leader's home turf used to be Liberal stronghold

This riding in the centre of Montreal is one of three in the city that is the home riding of the leader of one of the major political parties. 

Provincial politician turned ​NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair first won this seat in 2007 in a byelection in the former Liberal stronghold after MP Jean Lapierre announced he was leaving politics. 

The Liberals have held the seat almost continuously since 1935, losing only once before: to the Progressive Conservatives in 1988. Mulcair's byelection victory marked the first time the federal NDP had won a seat in Quebec since 1990.

Last election, Mulcair easily won the riding by more than 12,000 votes. This time around, the Liberals, who came in second in 2011, are running lawyer and teacher Rachel Bendayan. Conservative candidate Rodolphe Husny, who came in third in the last election, is an accountant by trade who works for the Ministry of International Trade.

In the 2013 redistribution, the riding's northeast boundary was extended a few blocks, adding some territory from Laurier—Sainte-Marie. The eastern border receded, and a swath of parkland went to Ville-Marie—Le Sud-Ouest—Île-des-Soeurs.

The southern boundary was also extended slightly, adding an area that had been part of Westmount—Ville-Marie.

Riding History

  • Liberal until 2007 byelection — NDP since. 
  • In 2013 redistribution, the NDP took 55.68 per cent of the vote. the Liberals took 21.62 per cent, and the Bloc Québécois took 11.60 per cent.

Riding snapshot

Population: 100,915 (2011 Census) 

Mother tongue: French (47.9 per cent), English (16.5 per cent), non-official languages (35.6 per cent; largest linguistic groups are Arabic, Yiddish, Spanish and Portuguese)

Average household income: $90,612 (2011 National Household Survey)

Results last election​​

NDP  21,916
Liberal 9,204
Conservative 3,408
Bloc Québécois 3,199
Green  841
Rhinoceros 163
Communist 143

Candidates 2015

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