Spotlight on Montreal ridings: LaSalle-Émard-Verdun

Once the riding of former prime minister Paul Martin, this territory - now known as LaSalle-Émard-Verdun - has been far from a lock for the Liberals over its nearly 50-year history.

NDP incumbent has strong competition from other parties

Once the riding of former prime minister Paul Martin, this territory — now known as LaSalle-Émard-Verdun — has been far from a lock for the Liberals over its nearly 50-year history. 

After the Liberal Party's defeat in 2006, Martin stepped down as leader of the party but retained his seat until 2008, when he did not seek re-election. The Liberals held on in LaSalle-Émard for one more election, but the NDP snatched away the seat in 2011. 

The riding's new boundaries take in a large section of the former riding of Jeanne-Le Ber, also held by the NDP. The northern border has been extended northward, adding small bits of Westmount—Ville-Marie and Notre-Dame-de-Grâce—Lachine. 

Incumbent Hélène LeBlanc has served as opposition critic in several portfolios, including industry along with science and technology. But she has some big-name challengers in this race. 

Gilbert Paquette, the Bloc Québécois candidate, is a former provincial politician who served as minister of science and technology under René Lévesque's Parti Québécois government in the 1980s. He made a brief run at the PQ leadership in 2005 before throwing his support behind Pauline Marois. 

Liberal candidate David Lametti is a law professor at McGill University who served as the faculty's associate dean for three years. 

The Conservatives are running television executive Mohammad Zamir.

Riding History

  • Riding has been held by Liberals, Progressive Conservatives and NDP since it was established in 1966.

Riding snapshot

Population: 105,145 (2011 Census)

Mother tongue: French (60.5 per cent), English (18.8 per cent),  non-official languages (20.1 per cent, largest linguistic groups are Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic)

Average household income: $65,823 (2011 National Household Survey)

Results last election

LaSalle - Émard

NDP  17,691
Liberal 11,162
Bloc Québécois  6,147
Conservative 5,526
Green  945
Marxist–Leninist 288
Rhinoceros  208

Jeanne-Le Ber

NDP 23,293
Bloc Québécois 12,635
Liberal 10,054 
Conservative 4,678 
Green 1,377
Marxist–Leninist 121

Candidates 2015

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