From snow to rain, to snow: what to expect from the sky this week in Montreal

It's a mixed weather bag this week in Montreal. We start off with a bit of snow at the beginning of the week, then rain followed by more freezing temperatures.

Mix of rain and snow expected for Thursday and Friday before return of cold temperatures this weekend

The mercury will be all over the place this week in Montreal, going from a mild-ish -2 C Mondauy, to a balmy 9 C Thursday (and rain), and then back to -12 C Sunday. (Graham Hughes/Canadian Press)

Snowfalls at the beginning and end of this week are to be punctuated by rain — yes, you read that right, rain. 

This winter is giving Quebecers (and most of the East Coast, really) everything it has to offer.

From extremely cold temperatures, to blizzardy conditions, by way of a "weather bomb," this season has been a mixed bag and it is not over yet. 

This second week of 2018 will offer a sampling of a bit of everything in Montreal: snow, sun, cloud, rain, plusses and minuses. 

Thursday, the temperature will go from a cool –5 C the day before to a high of 9 C with a 40 per cent chance of showers. 

The rain is expected to stay on both Thursday and Friday, before turning into snow and to the complete opposite, temperature-wise, that night with –9 C. 

Some have been taking the weather in stride, though.

A tricky season for driving, so far

Quebec's Transport Ministry warned of icy roads over the weekend as the province was hit by another wave of extreme cold. 

And the quick shift in temperatures this week could make for more treacherous road conditions.

Spokesperson Sarah Bensadoun said roads are particularly icy in and around Montreal as abrasives, such as as salt and sand, were less effective during the frigid temperatures. 

Several roads in Eastern Quebec remained closed over the weekend as the Gaspé and Lower North Shore regions recovered from the blizzard that pummelled the coast, causing damage to homes along the shore.