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Simon Nakonechny is a videojournalist at CBC News Montreal.

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After year in the desert, Canadian soldiers set to return home as Mali mission ends

Capt. Kathryn Brett and Master Cpl. Vincent Moreau dealt with desert heat and injuries from improvised explosive devices as they worked in the United Nations mission in Mali.

'I wanted to be right in the action': Maxine Bredt, 99, is the face of Veterans' Week

Amputations, bullet wounds and disfigurement were just part of Lt. Maxine Llewellyn Bredt’s daily reality as a Nursing Sister during the Second World War. That contribution will be honoured in Veterans’ Week from Nov. 5 to 11.

Boy who watched friend drown warns against the dangers of St. Lawrence River

The soon-to-be grade 5 student also says he'll keep swimming — but never again where the drowning happened.

Verdun Street merchants fighting mad over new bike lane

A group of more than two dozen other merchants on Verdun Street have hired a lawyer and put the borough on notice — they’re prepared to take the battle against a new bike lane to court.

Montreal and surrounding municipalities have new flood maps but won't make them public

The Montreal Metropolitan Community has created state-of-the-art maps showing the flood risk to communities along the Mille Îles and Des Prairies rivers, but the municipalities concerned have yet to adopt them and likely won’t for months.

Quebec's religious symbols ban welcomed by some who left Muslim countries behind

Not all immigrants from Muslim countries are opposed to Quebec’s religious symbols ban. Some say the proposed law is a necessary bulwark against the kind of problems they left behind in their home countries.

Here are the jobs subject to Quebec's proposed religious symbols ban (the list is longer than you'd think)

The Quebec government's proposed ban on the wearing religious symbols by public workers in authority positions extends far beyond police officers, judges and teachers, as the CAQ promised last fall, to a multitude of positions in the courts and the government.

How a Canadian Coast Guard hovercraft breaks up ice without touching it

The Canadian Coast Guard uses hovercraft to break up ice and prevent flooding — without touching the ice itself.

SNC-Lavalin approached Quebec's justice minister about DPA as part of wider effort to lobby government

SNC-Lavalin approached Quebec's attorney-general last fall to enlist her help securing a deferred prosecution agreement from the federal government. This was part of a broader effort by the company to get the newly elected Coalition Avenir Québec government to take up its cause with Ottawa.

Why many Quebecers want SNC-Lavalin to stand trial — despite warnings about jobs

Quebec has often been portrayed as a monolith that favours protecting engineering giant SNC-Lavalin from prosecution. The reality is far more complicated.

Kahnawake's new slot machines skirt Loto-Québec, divide Mohawk community

Electronic slot machines — the latest addition to gambling operations on the Mohawk territory of Kahnawake, on Montreal's South Shore — has band members lining up on either side of a bitter debate.

PQ holds campaign 'post-mortem,' tries to chart course back from the brink

The former leader blames October's result — which saw his party go from 28 to 10 seats in the National Assembly and lose official party status — on Quebecers' desire to get rid of the Liberals at all costs.

Montreal bus driver heads to Belgium to represent famed Black Watch at WW I ceremony

Jawara Hinkson spends his days as a bus driver, but by night, he is an army captain with Montreal's Black Watch. He will represent the storied highland regiment in Belgium at a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.

'Ladies from Hell': The Black Watch returns to Belgium to recreate last scene of WW I

The Royal Highlanders of Canada, the storied Montreal regiment better known as the Black Watch, return to Mons to recreate a historic march through the city where the last Canadian battle of World War I was fought.

Montreal's Black Watch regiment treasures WW I Victoria Cross

Locked away in a vault in Place Ville Marie is Lance-Cpl. Fred Fisher's Victoria Cross, the first ever awarded to a Canadian soldier serving in a Canadian unit in the First World War. CBC Montreal got exclusive access.