Sherbrooke dirty needle suspect faces new charges

A Quebec man accused of aggravated assault over incidents involving dirty syringes stashed in clothing stores faces new charges.

New Sherbrooke syringe charges

9 years ago
Dirty syringe suspect faces new charges 0:27

A Quebec man accused of aggravated assault over incidents involving dirty syringes stashed in clothing stores faces new charges.

Claude Létourneau was arrested in May after several people were pricked by dirty needles hidden in clothing at retail stores in Sherbrooke, Que.

On Thursday, Létourneau returned to court to face additional charges of aggravated assault, theft  and weapons possession.

The new charges are linked to the "dirty needle" case that spread fear among Sherbrooke consumers and retailers earlier this year.

As many as 22 people touched or were pricked by used needles while trying on clothes in various retail outlets in the Eastern Townships city.

The incidents sparked widespread fear of communicable diseases and possible long-term health risks.

Medical tests were done on needles retrieved after reported incidents, but police said they won't release results in order to protect the victims.

Létourneau will remain in custody until his next court appearance scheduled for October 2012.