Shelter in spotlight after animal cruelty video

Montreal animal shelter Berger Blanc is under scrutiny because of startling video showing alleged cruelty.

Private pound in Quebec handles thousands of lost and abandoned pets

A Montreal-area pound is going to be under heavy scrutiny because of startling video of alleged animal cruelty.

A Radio-Canada television report this week says the Berger Blanc isn't respecting norms and practices required by law in North America.

Berger Blanc is a privately held company that has animal control contracts in several Montreal districts and surrounding cities.

A Radio-Canada reporter infiltrated the pound and filmed a number of cruel acts that were aired this week.

Video of cats and dogs suffering and images of questionable euthanasia practices have prompted criticism from the city and the province.

But a member of the city's executive committee says there are no plans to cancel contracts.

Currently, 10 of Montreal's 19 boroughs have contracts with the pound.

City Coun. Richard Deschamps says Montreal will step up spot investigations at the facility and keep an eye on the situation before taking any further action.

Deschamps says he was shocked and appalled by the footage and that the city won't tolerate such acts.

Quebec investigates

In Quebec City, Agriculture Minister Pierre Corbeil called the images worrisome and asked his department to investigate.

Meanwhile, a web petition is circulating calling on the city to end its affiliation with the pound.

And a protest is planned in front of Montreal City Hall this weekend.

Radio-Canada was to broadcast the full report on the pound on its investigative program "Enquete" on Thursday night.