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Shawn is the host of CBC's provincewide, interactive radio program, Radio Noon.

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Let people smoke pot outside, says Colorado legislator

As Canada prepares to figure out where people will be allowed to use marijuana once it’s legalized, a state legislator in Colorado is pointing to what he calls a misstep in his state’s own legalization process in 2012.

Could you be the Radio Noon co-host for a day?

Think you've got what it takes to fill the seat next to Shawn Apel on Radio Noon? Well, this is your chance.

Woman narrowly avoids crashing window on St-Laurent Blvd

The Plateau-Mont-Royal borough says a building at the corner of St-Laurent Boulevard and St-Viateur Street is completely safe. However, a woman who was nearly hit by a falling window isn't so sure.

Montreal West fixture gets a little help from his friends

Montreal West computer store repair shop owner Richard Eckerlin had fallen on some hard times this winter, but some goodwill from his neighbours allowed him to keep his business -- and keep business rolling in.

Absentee landlords blamed for the Main's urban blight

High property values, old buildings and a lack of political and bureaucratic will to force landlords into maintaining properties on St-Laurent Boulevard have contributed to the spread of urban blight on what was once Montreal's main drag.

Kirkland man upset town used his tax dollars to sue him

A Kirkland man, already unhappy with the municipality of Kirkland because of legal and financial issues relating to cross-connected pipes, said Tuesday that another level of government appears to be letting him down.

Montreal startup sells peace and quiet in the city

Business is booming for a Montreal startup that sells privacy, peace and quiet for $15 an hour.

Montrealer's search for romance leads to gluten-free croissant

A Montreal man's quest for the perfect birthday gift leads to four cities, dozens of bakeries and a gluten-free treat.

Phone scam almost costs Montreal man $1,248

A Montreal man who came very close to falling victim to a phone scam says he’s embarrassed, but coming forward — so he can warn others about it.
Special Report

CBC Daybreak presents its Montreal Charter of Values

CBC Daybreak asked listeners what they would put on their own version of a values charter and now we've compiled our very own: Montreal Charter of Values.

Beaudry metro's moving sidewalk is 'always broken,' commuters say

Beaudry is the only station in Montreal with a moving sidewalk instead of an escalator, but the moving sidewalk hasn't been working since the beginning of November.

Pointe-Saint-Charles residents ask CN to reduce train noise

Eugene Nicolov loves his new condo in Pointe-St-Charles, but one big problem literally keeps him up at night.
Special Report

Daybreak's proposed Charter of Montreal Values

What should we wear in Montreal, or not wear? What activities should we cherish? Do we value spontaneity above all else? Or poutine? Or the right to spontaneously eat poutine? Daybreakers are wondering - what if this city had its own Charter of Montreal values? Well, it’s time to draft one.