Shafia trial archive

A comprehensive archive of coverage of the Shafia first-degree murder trial in Kingston, Ont.
The first-degree murder trial of Hamed Shafia(left), Tooba Yahya(centre) and Mohammad Shafia(right) started in Kingston, Ont. in October. (Lars Hagberg/Canadian Press)

Verdict: Shafia jury finds all guilty of 1st-degree murder

Jan. 27:  What the Shafia jury did not hear

Jan. 27: Shafia canal deaths case in hands of jury

Closing arguments

Jan. 26: Shafia accused saw deceased as 'diseased limb'

Jan. 25: Shafia trial evidence points to 'murder,' Crown says

Jan. 24: Murder timeline doesn't add up, Shafia lawyer says

Mohammad Shafia takes the stand in his defence on Dec.8 , 2011. (Mike McLaughlin )
Defence's case

Jan. 18: Shafia murder trial to begin closing arguments Monday

Jan. 17: Shafia half-brother points blame at police

Jan. 16: Shafia mom scolds prosecutors, police

Jan. 13: Shafia mom tells court 'we're not murderers'

Jan 12: Shafia mother admits lying to police

Jan. 11: Shafia mom says teen's photos not a 'dishonour' 

Jan. 10: Shafia mother says 'I lied' about being at death scene

Jan. 9: Shafia mother disputes accounts in diary

Holiday break

Dec. 14: Shafia son asks for hug after grilling in court

Dec. 13: Shafia prosecutor questions sibling's explanation

Dec. 9: Shafia dad says there is no honour in killing 

Dec. 8: Shafia father denies involvement in family members' deaths

Prosecution's case

Nov. 29: Boyfriend tells Shafia trial teen feared parents 

Nov. 28: Shafia's 1st wife feared he'd kill her, jury told 

Nov. 25: Shafia family trip detoured to water 

Nov. 24: Shafia dad suggested daughters possibly drugged 

Nov. 23: 'Suicidal' Shafia daughter described by school official

Nov. 22: Kingston canal deaths trial hears 911 tape

Damage found on the Shafia family's vehicles. (Trial evidence)
Nov. 21: Jury hears details of oldest Shafia sister's romance

Nov. 21: Salvaged cellphones offer evidence in Shafia case 

Nov. 18: Accused in canal deaths says he hit car by accident

Nov. 11: Accused in canal deaths said daughters betrayed Islam 

Nov. 10: Jury hears wiretap of accused in canal deaths

Nov. 8 Shafia relative warned dad might kill daughter

Tooba Yahya speaks to a police officer during an interrogation in 2009. (Trial evidence)
Nov. 3: Canal trial delayed after dad's medical emergency

Nov. 1: Police interrogate Shafia family about canal deaths 

Oct. 27: Canal victims' home laptop used for murder info 

Oct. 26: Canal lock murder trial sees grisly video 

Oct. 21: Shafia daughters killed over boyfriends, Crown says

Oct. 20: Kingston canal homicide victims feared father 


Oct. 13, 2011: Jury set for Kingston locks murder trial 

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