Secular 'values' charter public hearings enter 3rd day

The third day of public consultations for Bill 60 will start off the morning with presentations from Yves Gauthier, the Townshippers association, and Michel Gauthier.
Bernard Drainville, the minister responsible for Quebec's secular charter, said the bill is tailored to the province's secular views and values. (CBC)

The third day of public consultations on Bill 60 will continue for a third day after hearing from a range of voices yesterday, including those for and against the controversial secular charter. 

Today's hearing starts off with presentations from Yves Gauthier, the Townshippers association, and Michel Gauthier.

Presenters scheduled for this afternoon include the Quebec women's rights group, Alain Rioux, the Women's Association for d'éducation and social action, and Claude Pineault.

Over 200 groups and individuals are expected to present during the consultations.

Some have speculated an election could bring an early end to the hearings, but Premier Pauline Marois has insisted her party doesn't want to go to the polls over the proposed legislation.