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Sarah Leavitt is a journalist with CBC Montreal.

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Inuit craft fair allows artists to showcase their talent, sell directly to public

Sealskin earrings, ulu knives and digitally edited archival photos were among some of the art for sale at the craft fair put on by the Southern Quebec Inuit Association.

After spa treatment and a polished CV, Chez Doris clients look to the job market

The focus of the day was on how to prepare for the job market, but it wasn't all hard work: participants were pampered with spa treatments and makeovers, including finding the right clothing for a job interview.

Woman secretly filmed by boyfriend appeals decision to deny her victim compensation

A woman from Montreal's South Shore is appealing the rejection of her request for financial aid by the Quebec victim compensation program. Last December, she discovered her boyfriend of eight years had been secretly filming her and her children.

Verdun volunteers trade in cigarette butts for beer

The concept is simple. Collect as many cigarette butts as possible and trade them in for a pint of beer.

Ruling that found Montreal police committed ethnic profiling thrown out over delays

A ruling that found Montreal police had committed ethnic and social profiling against a Concordia University student has been thrown out after the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal deemed delays in the process to be unreasonable.

Cycling advocates call for more 'urgency' from Montreal on bike path construction, repairs

With more and more people hopping on bikes as a form of transportation, cycling advocates say the Plante administration has to act more quickly when it comes to expanding the network.

CDN-NDG's Anti-Achoo Squad is tackling one ragweed at a time

With ragweeds set to bloom in about two weeks time, Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce has hired a group of weed-killers.

Expand right to assisted dying, daughters plead after father takes his life

Jacques Campeau saw no other way out. Three times, the Quebec man applied for medically assisted death. All three times, he was rejected. In June, he killed himself.

McGill launches new mandatory online course on sexual violence and consent

As an answer to Quebec's new requirements for sexual violence prevention, McGill University has developed its online course which will be mandatory for all students and staff.

Quebec passes bill to reform immigration system after government invokes closure

After a 19-hour marathon session, members of Quebec's National Assembly have passed legislation that would allow the government to cancel roughly 16,000 immigration applications.

Two years late, Verdun Beach set to finally open

After years of bickering over its location and cost, as well as a holdup in getting federal and provincial authorizations, the beach is set to open in Arthur-Therrien Park June 22.

Secretly filmed by boyfriend for years, Montreal-area woman says 'it felt like the end of the world'

For eight years, Melissa thought she had struck gold: she had a supportive and caring boyfriend who loved her kids, even if they weren't his own. Then she discovered the hidden cameras.

Lessons for life: Young cyclists learn rules of the road from Vélo Québec

Through its Cycliste averti program, almost 3,000 Grade 5 and 6 students will get theoretical and on-the-road bike instruction from Vélo Québec.

Species loss is happening 'here in front of our own eyes,' Quebec biologists warn

With a United Nations report stating species loss is accelerating tens or hundreds of times faster than in the past, Quebec biologists are sounding the alarm.

'Total devastation': 82-year-old recounts visit to submerged home in Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac

After suffering a heart attack three weeks ago, Quebec resident Tom Fleck was told to take it easy. Easier said than done, when a dike just 50 metres away bursts and washes through your home.