Thunderstorms bring golf ball-sized hail to Saguenay

It is late July but it's practically December in the Quebec region of Saguenay–Lac-St-Jean.

Homes, cars damaged by hail after violent storms on Wednesday

Hail hits Saguenay

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5 years ago
Hail hits Saguenay 0:58

It is late July but it's looking a lot like December in Saguenay.

Violent thunderstorms brought golf-ball sized hail to both the city and the region on Wednesday.

  • Powerful winds uproot trees in parts of southern Quebec

One local business was hit hard — it reported that over 30 vehicles belonging to its employees were damaged by the unrelenting hail.

The hail from the storm also damaged the roofs of some residences. (Radio-Canada)
Some cars were not spared from the storm. (Radio-Canada)

The hail from the storm also broke the windows of several homes and punctured the windshields of cars in the region while the roofs of homes on de l'Église Road in Laterrière were also damaged.